April Tarot Readings


Love is in the air. People looking for someone will find that special person and people who are already in love will renew their relationship. It is a very good month to take a step ahead with whatever was keeping you from doing so. You will be at your artistic excellence this month. You should embark into a new direction and it will lead you to a destination, you always wanted to reach.  The keywords to remember this month are “Happy Times”.


You success and achievements gained you many enemies but now is the time to overcome them all. You are more than ready for a fair fight and triumph over people who love to hate you. However, keep one this in mind, you will recover out of simply anything. Keep the strength going. Take up an odd job or hobby, challenge yourself. You have fears within you like any other human being but do not give into them. Change what you do not like. The keywords to remember this month are “Rapid Improvement”.


Were you looking for harmony in you partnership with a close associate, well you got it. This month seems to be very peaceful and you feel blessed. You will fulfill your wishes, as you would have the power of imagination in your control. There are questions you seek answers for and those answers are around you. Believe and control the volatile factors and the result would surprise you. The keywords to remember this month are “Adaptability for Success”.






If you are looking for someone special this month, you stand a fair chance. Your wit and intelligence will not only impress people around you but you will also love being yourself. You might get some news or gossip, which will spice things up. Maybe a new contact will catch your eye and interest. You will be eager and fast to learn new things and adept at turning situations in your favor. However, do not underestimate the person you are dealing with. The keywords to remember this month are “Eloquent and Sharp”.


You are all set for a lot of planning. The task that needed your attention would get the same this month. You need to be patient and calm down a bit. Something that was long over-due will reach a fruitful result. You need to put in a lot of hard work and you would not shy away from doing the same. At the same time do not be discouraged with things do not go your way. Efforts will be rewarded for sure but be composed. The keywords to remember this month, “Forward Planning”.


You are a true achiever and you will not leave anything to chance. You will be more responsible this month and feel a breath of fresh air.  Do not let any dull thoughts influence you. Just let your imagination take a flight of its own. You might feel and get bored easily but that is not the end of the road. You can be well trusted this month, as many people would look up to you. The keywords to remember this month, “Trustworthy and Steadfast”.


You will meet someone very energetic and generous. It can be a long lost friend or someone new, who fills in the blank this month for you. If you were planning to relocate or shift your house this is the time for doing so. However, be aware of jealous people around you who put in negative energy and influence you otherwise. You might also indulge into an argument with an aggressive person, which leaves you no-where. The keywords to remember this month, “Change and Desire”.



You feel strong, healthy, and active this month. As you always wanted to experiment this is your time to do so. You will be advising your close friends and family on many fronts, that even you did not know about. Chances of you being athletic are more as your life is ever hectic than before. You are a true businessperson with a sense of fashion and fast adapting to the ever-changing world around you. You romantic passion would be on display too. The keywords to remember this month, “Passion and Generosity”.


You would feel low and rejected this month but keep one thing in mind the only way from there is the way up. Do not think of the past that is gone already, focus and change your present and the future that awaits you. There will be many improvements and developments both home as well as the work front. Be aware as a close one might betray you. Ultimately, it is a beautiful world and you know it. The keywords to remember this month,” Focus and Stay positive”.


You need to take it easy. Relax and brush off the burdens a bet. It is okay to accept you are stressed. You are given heavy task and responsibilities and you come out as a winner but do not ignore your health. Sometimes, you are carrying the cross on behalf of others too. You love working as a professional but do remove time for yourself to unwind too. Watch out for the hidden enemies who are taking advantage of you. The keywords to remember this month,” hard-working and Obligations”.


You have finished what you ones started and it is time to have fun now. This month shows an end of a cycle and start of another one. You delayed work has neared completion but be careful of not developing an insecurity. As you, fight a battle with yourself. Do not ignore a loved one or a relationship that awaits you. The rewards of labour and hard work are paying you off now. Dance or sing if you feel like, as this is your moment. The keywords to remember this month, “Success and Completion”.




You save for future and this is exactly what you will do this month. Show responsibility and be realistic too. You are on the path to get what you want however; your shrewd nature is the problem here. You will display no anger towards people who irritate you the most and that in turn will irritate them. You will unnerve people around with your unpretentious nature. Be care to not fall into bad company. The keywords to remember this month,” Unpretentious and Practical”.

 As also featured in Travel Glance mag


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