Tarot Readings for May


You are in to enjoy domestic bliss. Loads of entertainment and celebrations in-stored.  Remember to enjoy. Women planning motherhood will be happy. This month your best efforts are going to pay off. It may be that month of the year but for you, it is surely springtime. For a strong-headed person like you, this month might be perfect to calm down. Word of the month “Reassurance”.


You will get to know someone who day dreams and thinks badly about you.  However, you are in to surprise the person with your charm and wit. Leave your stubbornness behind when dealing with important issues and victory is yours to keep. This month also marks a new affection for you. You will be at your artistic best. Word of the month, “Insightful”.


If you wanted to start afresh this is the best time to do so. As this month will show you the path, you always were looking for. Nevertheless, do not let your greed make you do things that prove to be wrong later. Do not get into too much speculation it will not help. You will fun stability and financial improvement for sure.  Word of the month- “Foundation”. 


Over the years or in recent times, you have achieved quite a few things and you will hold on to it this month. As a rival might pose a threat to you. Monetary gains are possible this month. Remember you are your best friend before dealing with anyone. However, you will find yourself in a happy place by the end of it. Word of the month,” Possessions”.


You feel a sense of freedom this month. Breaking old rules for new and better ones. You will experience a sudden change but a joyful one. By the end of this month, you will be a stronger and better person. Your rebellious attitude will shock people around you but leave you as a changed person. Word of the month, “Inevitable”.


You have lately felt a lot of pain that will fade away by the end of this month.  Remember your difficult circumstances will leave you too. You are in to gain more than you lost. You will look into other directions for happiness and get it too. It is a reinvention time. Word of the month, “Beginnings”.


Everything is changing around and at a speed that will surprise you. This month shows you a new turn. Maybe it is something you waited for quite some time now. Things are going to be different from what you expected. It is your time and rejoice every moment of the journey. You are without rules inside your head and that is the best part. Word of the month, “Twist”.


You are your best company and you know that. This month will keep you busy with a lots happening around you. You are ready for more than one job. Your skills will be at full swing this month and you will enjoy the art of juggling to the core. However, keep an eye of your cash as you might indulge yourself a lot. Word of the month, “Multitasking”.


You love challenges and you love to challenge. Well this month keeps you busy, as you need to prove yourself. Your competitors will keep you at on your toes.  Avoid misunderstandings, as they will not lead you anywhere. Keep a watch on legal matters. A good month to hold negotiations pertaining to business. Word of the month, “Adrenaline”.


Well you are not the one to get bored easily however, this month you might. Little indulgence is okay but you may go overboard with it. So be careful. You have reached, a happy stable place nevertheless, you want excitement now. Look for it in the right places or you stand to hurt yourself. New activity, friends and interest will provide the spark you want. Word of the month, “Indulgence”.


Looks like the best month for you. You will enjoy good health and love around you. All you hard work and hopes will fulfill this month but remember to be a little observant. As you get restless to soon, over doing something might not help. Count your blessings and redeem them too. It is your time of the year. Word of the month, “Fulfillment”.


You trust people quite often, which you should not. You have put in a lot of hardship in the past and it is the time to see results. You will know this month that your real supporters are. You will experience a sudden change in attitude towards finances is required. You will enjoy your Me Time to the fullest. Word of the month, “Opportunities”. 

As also featured in Travel Glance mag


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  1. sukh says:

    Thanx for d saggi advice

  2. sunnyslice says:

    You are always welcomed….Hope it helps you….

  3. shruti says:

    wow gr8 month 4 me thank u so much sunnyslice,u always guide me4 my gud future.

    1. sunnyslice says:

      Thanks I love ur comment It helps me too Cheers…

  4. shruti says:

    well gud month 4 me thanks bro.

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