Smile Dairy

Smile at someone who is a stranger to you at the same time sees you every day. Start a Smile Dairy. Write down why you smiled, who made you smile, and how. Read it when you are low, disheartened, distressed or simply bored. It would lift your mood. Call someone acknowledge the fact you missed that person. It would not only put you in a cheerful mood but that person who gets a call from you…ImageWhy have one special person in your life when you can make yourself special for everyone around you. Happiness is like a return gift. Why do we long for on something that is not real? Love is real. Have you seen it? Have you touched it? Answer is a simple no. We can only feel it. Think about it. Imagine it. Therefore, what makes us look for it all the time? Don’t we look for something that we lose? We do not look for a lost friendship then why we keep looking for love. It is simple again, as we like to be owned. We like to belong. We like to be named. We like to be so and so. Without all that, everything seems to be insignificant. When we lose our job, we try to get another one. Nevertheless, love is not a job. It is not an interview for which we need to put our 100%. As it is rightly said we need our family to sail through the worst of situations, then what happens if our most trusted partner does not show up. There are so many things in life that we have to do alone. We all have our dirty secrets. So if I cannot share those things with someone whom I love unconditional. Ask yourself again are you really in love. Anything said and done, we need the pillar of support constantly. That support can come from anywhere. Sometimes places least expected. Then why don’t we look for those places instead. You might find love there too. However, the best thing to do is go with the follow. See where life takes you and for what. Each one of us has a destiny to fulfill and not everything is made for everyone. Just see what is in stored for you. What is your calling? If you like to eat at KFC that is fine but can you have it daily. Even the best food giant keeps introducing new flavors and innovative ideas to keep you interested in them. Can you wear your favorite shirt every day?  NO, is the answer. So why restrict yourself all the time. Once you find that someone special strict to them. Marriage ceremonies were not invented just for celebration. It is a way to show your commitment to the other person and sometimes you just have to make way for others. Others who want to enter into your life. 


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  1. shruti says:

    wow so nice,i love it,it is really gud.

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