Recycling and More….

                          We have all spend our valuable time deciding, judging, contemplating…. Nevertheless, did anyone of us think recycling was the best thing that ever happen to humankind? We all believe we know the best and we know it all. Recycling never goes out of fashion. It can be your thoughts, feelings (Yes!!! Feelings), old stuff (Obviously), and even recycle the very desire to recycle. It really works wonders. You can have an old friend that you did not speak for years and you bump into them suddenly …. That is recycling your friendship. When you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you decide to remain friends. Well! Well! Well! That is recycling your relationship. All this while, you wondered it is only about old cans, clothes, and stuff. Half of our life we spend our money first buying things and the later half trying to fit them into our life but we never stop and see or look at things that we already have. Things that we really do not want anymore…. That is recycling thoughts. Pause for a while and think. Life is more than such stuff and the cluster we make around us. Clean the aura people it is worth a try. What you do not want anymore would be the only need of someone else. It will be a proud moment to see celeb ‘s wearing something that they wore the last time and walked the red carpet (that is confidence). Cannes highlights the best in the world but that best in the world needs more confidence to recycle something from their wardrobe (mostly it will be a dare to do so). That is fine Glamour is needed to spice up the routine lives.

                               Make a difference by letting go of all the extra baggage that you carry. Forgive people, let go. It is important not for them but you. As they can live without what they do not have but you cannot let go of what you do not want to have. Sometimes, most of us are caught in a difficult situation where we do not know how to react and our expressions say it all… Best thing to do recycle your expressions right away. So the next time you are in a meeting and how much ever badly you need to laugh at your boss or when you meet your girlfriends/boyfriends parents and they are bombing you with questions on your future….Remember to remove the best expression from the pool of recycled expressions and avoid the embarrassment.  “Each one for themselves and Recycling for all”.


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