Tokyo + Food = Soul fullness…

When I was off to Tokyo, my mind was filled with questions like What will I eat there? Will I survive on Sushi alone? (Sushi being on top of my world food list)  Will I get to eat and enjoy it too? How much green tea will I drink? What wine would I drink along with my food? and last but not the least, Should I carry my own food? well! well!! well!!! the place surprised me and how…

 On my visit to Tokyo I came across various food items and this was one of the best Chicken noodle soup I ever had… served in a clay bowl (keeping it hot for really long)ImageTokyo offers the combination of some awesome food. Seafood is to die for… I would love to go there time and again to put the best of best food in my mouth… Sushi being my favorite of all (wasabi I love you) It really changed the way I looked at some of the food items which other wise I wouldn’t try. One of them was Eel with sticky rice (it was from some other galaxy)ImageHow can I not add Saki wine in my top list of favorites from there… simply awesome..Has it’s own flavor which can’t be compared to the wine we always have… ImageI had seen all type of movies and closely watch what they ate… but I would like to recommend one and all… Do try all the food you can while you are there… The city loves its presentation and doesn’t disappoint one bit… So next time you visit Tokyo remember food will be the last thing to worry about… a simple dessert made with jaggery and sticky rice… leaves you wanting more… ImageDon’t be shy ask for second helping (they love to feed there) You will feel like family there for sure…. So go ahead explore and experiment it’s worth a try….


5 Comments Add yours

    1. sunnyslice says:

      U bet it was awesome eating there….

  1. shruti says:

    tokyo u had gud time,pls take me with u

    1. sunnyslice says:

      sure be my quest… anytime…

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