“Monsoon Magic is here”

Just a few days back I got common cold and couldn’t stop sneezing… well the reason I felt was some kind of allergy However, it was as always weather change… So I’m the official Mr Weather Change Reporter, my friends call me that all the time (I should be happy but the cold kills) Although its early this year but nothing to complain about, we need all the water that mother nature gives us and I hope this year at least people save it for a rainy day in future… The beautiful sky made me forget my cold and all the other problems I had…
The sky changed itself with all the thundering and lightning… It was a sure movie scene…like in the typical bollywood movie would have the thundering only for the actress to jump and hug the actor (getting really close) and break into a dance number… I surely danced in my mind… Loved it… The weather change has got the hot climate down and the city looks beautiful and romantic…enjoying every part of it….with cups of hot coffee by the window…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. kavitsu says:

    ahh, the awesome smell of mother earth, it just soothes me!

    1. sunnyslice says:

      Yes it is a lovely feeling n leaves u fresh as well

  2. shruti says:

    very nice pics dear,i missing mumbai moonsoon,i luv rain& enjoy cup of coffee.love uuuuuuu sun.

    1. sunnyslice says:

      thanks dear I’m happy you liked it…

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