“June Tarot Readings 2013”

Aries- This is a good month to make a few choices. However, stop living in false hope and think about what you need and what you want. Opportunities will knock on your door but be sure before you answer. A friend might help you take an important decision that will influence you in many ways. Be open you to advice and go along the flow. Word to remember – Choice.  

Taurus- Too much thinking is holding you back. You are surrounded with people who love to manipulate so be careful. There has been a lot of emotional baggage which you carry around, leave it behind. Go ahead as right now you are walking a tightrope. You do not mean ill at the same time you are carried away most of the times. On the other hand, stop being a martyr. Word to remember- Patience.

Gemini- You love experimenting and that keeps you entertained.  You will visit your loved ones this month and extend your support. Just clear all the gloomy thoughts that make it impossible for you to focus. Peace and calmness is something that everyone wants and you will get it this month. Go out there and make that trip you always wanted to, your journey would teach you many things.  Word to remember-Recuperation.

Cancer- You are to begin something new and interesting facts are going to unfold. Be open to ideas and keep an eye on details that will help for sure. Gambling is bad but you will have an unexpected monetary gain. Surprise yourself and fall in love again. Taking a short road trip will help you realize many things. Finding answers will help you towards getting solutions. Word to remember – Improvement. 

Leo- You are loved by everyone. This month will make you enjoy better social life. Outings, dinner, parties and more. However, keep a reality check on your expenditures and do not get over board with excitement. Carelessness and sentimental attitudes might set in.  You might neglect your partner. In the meanwhile, enjoy the popularity and happiness. Word to remember- Pleasure. 

Virgo- You have being taking many responsibilities lately. Relax a bit smell the flowers. The best part is you finish the entire task and on time mostly. Importantly feel blessed and keep anxiety at bay. Many a times, your hidden enemies have a way to take advantage of you. Being smart comes naturally to you this month. Let go of some obligations. Word to remember – Hard-working.

Libra- You feel safe and secure. Your eye for detail will make you outgrow many hurdles. A sense of freedom, from old and self-enforced rules. Feel free to explore and go all out and make some travel plans. There might be a sudden change that will make you a stronger person. You might surprise yourself in a pleasant way for sure. Word to remember – Freedom.  

cs-18moonScorpio- If you were wondering, contemplating and wanting. Then this is the right month.  You might start something new. Something that you always wanted to. A new venture or a relationship is indicated. Your desire for change might control your emotions but do not give in, just focus. Therefore, start that enterprise and await results. Looking for support is okay but do not depend on it. Word to remember – Beginnings.

Sagittarius- You experienced many obstacles lately. This month shows you the way and cuts all those negative thoughts. Remove time for you and you will see the difference you always wanted to see. You show courage and intellect because of that nothing stands in your way to success. Just keep marching ahead in life, as this is your time.  Also, be aware of mental stress. Word to remember – Force.  

Capricorn- You have finished something that makes you satisfied and relaxed. The world is your playground and you are sure to enjoy the moment. One cycle has ended and you are ready for another one. Triumph is yours and hurdles are left behind. Do not feel insecure as stars are on your side, your hard work is paying off. Word to remember – Completion.  

Aquarius- You are in your comfort zone.  You feel relaxed and you love it. Make a trip to spa and indulge yourself. Your hard work has paid off and this is the month to rip the benefits for the same. Go ahead and travel meet people collect experiences, share stories and show your artistic side to the world around you. You are a natural administrator this month. Word to remember – Comfort.

Pisces- You planned, worked and gave your best. This month all your work pays you back. Any venture you give your heart to this month will get you good results. Being bold does not come naturally to you but you will give it a shot and emerge successful. Your goals have no limit and sometimes it becomes a problem for you. Do not live in fear for the future, as everything will work fine. Word to remember – Victory.

— As also featured in Travel Glance mag…



4 Comments Add yours

  1. shruti says:

    thank u bro 4 good month ahead.

    1. sunnyslice says:

      I’m happy you liked it…

  2. KY says:

    Kind of a deep meaning for the reading on Aries.

    1. sunnyslice says:

      I’m happy you could find the deep meaning in it…and I hope it helps you

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