Melting heaven in mouth…

Every time you travel to a place new or old, it offers you something new. There is so much to see and discover. We just need to walk and look around us. Everything might look the same if you have been to the place before but with an open mind, there is so much to see, feel and do. Exactly, with that in mind I discovered something new on my visit to Singapore this time. Well, how many of us have a sweet tooth (everyone I guess) and often a sweet something comes with deep-fried, oily and too much sweet to handle. So what I discovered was because I ate something super spicy and while I did enjoy it to the core I also did run around looking for something sweet and I couldn’t lie I actually don’t like too much sweet I came across Tutu, a Chinese sweet. To my surprise it was steamed and completely oil free. Amazing, isn’t it? 



Tutu is made of rice flour (that’s it) and one can add anything as filling as they want (how cool is that). On offering were different flavors like chocolate, red bean, plain, peanut and coconut. Overall an awesome deal. I had coconut tutu, simply full of coconut flavors busting in my month. Making me wanting to eat more. I did try chocolate (I have a soft corner for chocolate and can eat anything and everything with chocolate in it), which was superb too. The making time of Tutu is only less than minute and steamed. Priced at $2.30 – $ 3.00 Singapore dollars for 3 pieces will surely have you wanting to try more. It is served on a small square shaped banana leaf plate. Completely organic and easy on stomach. 



Verdict- Do try it if you are watching your diet and avoiding fatty junk food. Do not try if you are not ready for something that is not as sweet as you want it to be. However, it is worth a try. So go for it.

Totally worth it….


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  1. sukh says:

    Hey sunny d way u have described seems to b a mouth watering sweet…..My next trip to singapore I will for sure have this new amazing tutu

    1. sunnyslice says:

      Really u should try its worth it n let me knw how u like it

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