Beautiful Sea Even Beautiful Sky…

Beautiful Sea Even Beautiful Sky...

Sometimes when you look at the sun and the trees that make a wonderful picture It seems like they are posing together for that perfect picture. What makes it amazing is the sun throwing all the possible colors while it is fading away far far into the sea, only to brighten some other world, somewhere else…it never forgets to give light and life, no matter what happens. We should do the same. No matter what happens look at the brighter side and turn towards brighter people, who provide and take us to a different level altogether. Believe in your inner light, it speaks to you and lightens you up but you are too busy to see or feel it.
So stop and feel and see the same. Remember your efforts helps someone to live a better life. Smelling the flowers is not enough anymore. You need to smell the trash too only to better appreciate what you have in life and if everything is super perfect there is no space for improvement. So just be…and enjoy the small things in life which are more rare and go unnoticed


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  1. Himani B says:

    now this, is absolutely gorgeous!

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