“Being Away is Being Happy”

I was just thinking, what is it that we should do to stay afloat when we are thrown into a situation that we don’t want to be part of. Many a times we don’t want certain things in life but are required to the part of it. There are all type of people and possess all types of behaviour as well. We get into a situation without knowing that we have en stored for. Future can’t be decided the only thing we can do it work towards a better future. It is like preparing a presentation not knowing if it would be liked by all or not. People sometimes are their own enemies can indulge into things which can’t be ignored. So the least you can do is Go with the flow or stay away (even better).
That is the reason which I was asking myself what is the best thing to do in order to deal with a trick situation. Being away (not the entire time but for the time being) and Being happy (you can not choose a situation but you can choose the way you want to react). So react wisely and react boldly. There is no need to suppress your feelings when the person who hurts you doesn’t suppress his/her feelings and hurts you with all the cruelty possible.
Again keep saying to yourself…
“Being Away is Being Happy”


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  1. GFixation says:

    I work hard every day, send out resumes, I’m trying to be away from this place. I know I’m here for a reason, I know the time will be right, soon. In the mean time, I distract myself to cope with intellectual fools. I vision being in a happy environment, sometimes being in a bad environment make you appreciate the better one to come.

    1. sunnyslice says:

      Well that is a great attitude that you have Keep up the energy and you will surely get what you want don’t ever let the focus go and don’t let anything affect you so much that you loose something even before you get it God Bless

        1. sunnyslice says:

          I’m happy I could help…

        2. sunnyslice says:

          between you are a blogger too right which part of the world you come from like I’m from India….

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