He Actually Kept It Simple…..



I have being following Jamie Oliver’s cooking for the longest time now… I love it when made Rice with practically everything from the fridge not to forget the Seafood rice… I have made in more than once and loved it every time I made it…. even my friends have enjoyed every bit of the seafood rice…Simple yet awesome to taste… I came across his products while I was walking around in one of the biggest grocery stores in Singapore 

I came across his lovely products in The Gourmet Store, Ion Mall… at the basement when you climb down the longest escalator… it was not only this yellow container of Lemon Herb Crust, which adds a zesty crunch to chicken and fish but also the black pepper bottle which I couldn’t resist looking at plus it said Black Pepper from India…well we Indian do love our pepper for sure… He has time and again proved he is the best and I simply love his simplicity in food… doesn’t make a big deal about anything at all…


That is why his tag line is “Keep it Simple” 

however, I would say, “He Actually Kept it Simple”…


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  1. seriousbacon says:

    It’s impossible to find somthing that isnt made by jamie oliver today, he has it all! lol He’s the one who advertises healthy eating, yet everyone is buying his pre packaged goods haha I say pick up your knifes, it much better to cook from fresh anyway!

    1. sunnyslice says:

      I love his cooking and the pre packaged goods are all organic so its fine plus the black pepper balls n stuff is all raw So there’s no question of any chemicals in them However, good bad ugly he definitely knows what it takes and his food is awesome

      1. seriousbacon says:

        I guess when it comes to it he’s just providing a healthier pre made meal, which is a winner! The guy certainly knows how exploit the market and you have to praise him for that, and somehow he still manages to be a good chef!

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