Virgin Coconut Milk

This is the Calicut specialty Coconut Milk… It is not only yummy, delicious but also healthy alternative for the fizzy drinks that we have mostly at a drop of hat I was introduced to this milky drink in Calicut, Kerala, India few years back The texture can be thick according to one’s choice and desire
It’s simple to prepare all you need is fresh coconut, milk, sugar (optional) and a blender
Put everything in a blender and there the healthy drink is ready to gulp
You can also add Vodka in the blender and make a Bloody Coconut Milk (best for party time) your friends will love it for sure and bless you for the same To get creative rose syrup can also be added, which would also provide a nice color to the drink and make it look attractive too. An awesome mock tail and cocktail at your finger tips without too much of an effort to start with. Decorate the glass with a wacky umbrella or an extra coconut to munch on while you slip the amazing drink and you are ready with the simple yet innovative drink (healthy and milky at the same time) Children would love it too for sure.
Verdict- Have on a sunny day to cool your system or just enjoy the rich drink


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