Squirrel Up n Close My friend now….

This was odd for me as I have been feeding birds and dogs for the longest time now Birds simply fly in from various trees sit on my window and eat and drink at anytime of the day that suites them I have always placed a water bowl for birds, as summers in India can be really harsh
One fine day there were things (food) found half eaten and vessels dislocated Everybody wondered what was happening and how was it happening We blamed rats for the same but couldn’t find any around our house It was getting a little too much, the curiosity was killing all of us and my mom made some boiled corn with turmeric powder and placed it on the dining table as it was hot and I thinking I would eat it little later Only to discover a new quest sitting and munching on the boiled corn It was a SQUIRREL and there we got to know all the activities that were taking place
I must add here this is the most adorable creature I ever came across Awesome and Sweet at the same time Love the way it sits and eats the corn not only that any food that we place for it and whenever it comes by It becomes a treat for us to watch it eat with small little hands holding the item and chewing away to glory It is the best thing ever…
So now it has become my new best friend We all just love its sight and it has become our pleasure to feed it regularly….
Verdict- The most beautiful thing in the world to feed a animal which only gives love in return no matter what….


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