Nairobi at it’s best…

Nairobi at it's best...

On a recent visit to the beautiful Nairobi, Kenya. My parents didn’t only enjoy the Kenyan safari, Masai Mara, lovely weather but also discovered Kazuri… the ultimate answer to some awesome jewellery The beads are perfectly put together there…anklets, bangles, necklaces, etc You name it and they make it My mom picked up these elegant neck pieces along a candle stand which makes it even better. Kazuri uses the best of technology and everything there is recycled Kazuri means “small and beautiful” in swahili. They are the best for 33 years now, handmade and hand-painted beads, make an excellent choice which she couldn’t resist.
In the meanwhile, my dad couldn’t resist Tusker the beer is just so nice and cool on the palate, making it the best drink for brunches and lunches, he couldn’t get enough of it for sure. The cold weather and warm people made their visit worth remembering I’m sure going on a holiday there soon. Follow me there guys.
“Asante Sana”


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