“Management for Beginners (Tips)”

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” title=””Management for Beginners (Tips)””>”Management for Beginners (Tips)”

  • 1. Management for beginners…
  • 2. students
  • 3. You need a lot of dedication There are few key words to follow….
  • 4. — Focus— Hard Work— Research— Lots of reference— Reading— Knowing how to utilize your time. Few pointers to remember…
  • 5. — Focus and hard work go hand in hand. One can never forget the fact that you need to remember what u never to achieve . Always know there’s a difference between, what you want and how badly you want it. Focus and Hard Work…
  • 6. — You need to know what you are looking for and where are you looking for it. You might know the matter you want to look for but not know where to look for. Google, Wikipedia, Slideshare.net…. Are one of those sites which can get you quick info at your finger tips.Research
  • 7. — Talk to your friends who are already under going the management course. Ask for tips and pointers. While working on an assignment always keep it in mind, you have to live the matter and feel it. You would be half done with your studies only by talking about it. Discuss with your friends the difficulties you are facing and ask them about the ones they faced.Lots of Reference
  • 8. — Reading never hurt anyone. If you like reading books and novels, take the subject like an interesting book that you are reading. If you have being working and doing your management try to relate everything to the subject you are reading. Once you get use to the reading of the subject like a book. You would start enjoying it for sure…Reading
  • 9. — Time management is the best tool. While you are working always remember each and every situation is teaching you something different. You learn while you earn. Co relate things and you are always teaching yourself something new from what you have read before. Life is the best example to follow.Knowing how to utilize your time…
  • 10. acknowledgement I would like to thank my dear friend Leisha Changrani for supporting me with the whole process of my course. It’s the beginning for me and I look forward for more and more in depth knowledge and guidance for the same.

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