“Hurt by a Emotional Person”

“Getting emotional and Getting hurt are two different things…Decide which one suites u best”

Most of the time we as people forget to respect each others feelings. Where in one decides to be emotional about the whole thing and other decides to be hurt. Well you as a person need to think and react accordingly not over-reacting is the catch here.
People often do things unknowingly, and claim to know what they did as a reflex to being cool. As being popular, accepted and liked, is the only motto.
Then, what about the people who really like you and just want to be liked back by you or simply be acknowledged by you. Do they become demanding? And at the same time pleasing superficial people becomes more and more important by the day.
Get up and smell the coffee not because you need to but because you have to.
The only option is the only way out. So, get up and Love the ones who love you, Like the ones who like you. Don’t keep them waiting because the moment they do the same You will be left Hurt by a Emotional person.
Happy New Year to all the lovely people who motivate me to Blog better…Love you all…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ShethP says:

    Insightful read… I never thought about ‘it’ this way – being emotional and being hurt. Well, Happy New Year to you, too! 🙂

    1. sunnyslice says:

      I’m happy u liked n Happ New year to u as well

  2. DARSHANA says:

    Nice one…But there is a bigger debate there in being emotional and being hurt…Being emotional is considered to be a sin and a weak sign to be taken advantage of..while without feelings n emotions one cannot be a living being,be it human or animal or even GOD..While being hurt is how we take it..if we allow it,we will be hurt,which is again being emotional…All we can do is control our emotions,get real and practical and not let situations control us further causing hurt and pain.

    1. sunnyslice says:

      You bet got my point Cool

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