Tea Trails at its best 

​Today was invited to review differnet types of tea and What an experince  worth beating the Mumbai rains and reaching the venture 

 Well it was an awesome exp to see all the different types of tea been made and served in front of us Loved it The ambiance is good and cozy If you go there don’t leave without having Burmese Salad (it’s to die for) 

Oolong Tea is my faviorte as its soft and silk textured and goes down effortlessly leaving for you to want more 

Bun Maska is delecious and leaves you wanting for more 

Marbled Egg Salad is infused coddled eggs nestled in garden greens in garlic hinted dressing again a surprise show stopper 

Smoked Sandwich along with Smokey Chinese Lapsang Souchong tea is simply the best

Kashmiri Kahwa exotic blend of green tea, almonds and spices Traditional to the core 

Lastly don’t leave without having their Kullad Chai along with fresh Pakodas perfect for the season 

My Verdit— it’s awesomeness reloaded the It place not only for tea lovers but everyone A must visit 


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