Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden

It’s not everyday that you meet someone over lunch, brunch or dinner but it simply destiny when you meet a genuine person over an invite ( to remember for a lifetime). They say you cant choose your relatives but you can choose your friends and I have indeed found and made a super duper friend in this person whom I came across just as a Food Blogger and my it’s here to stay. Nitika you are not only rocking but an excellent personality. We laughed, we ate and we had a blast. Something which happens when ever we meet.
It happened at Today’s Invite at Kaitlyn Beer Garden, Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai.
We were greeted and well received by Mr Bhasin who handed us over to Stewart, a very polite and humble person(Well the whole staff was good)But he was on of the best around. Apart from his huge personality he is a good bartender. With almost all the choices he offered, I picked Pan Masala Mocktail and it was an instant hit with us. He also served us delicious Tropical Asian Cooler, which is made of Lemon Grass and was very cooling on our palates. Then came the Charcoal Chicken well cooked and followed by Mascarpone Malai Murg it was a bit salty for me but not bad at all (It’s Chargrilled Chicken leg boneless with Green Cardomon)
Spicy Crispy Wontons which are deep fired wontons stuffed with carrot, babycorn, cabbage, spring onions and chilli beans. They were well cooked and I couldn’t imagine they were entirely cooked in their kitchen.
Money Bag stuffed with green peas, tofu, carrot, babycorn, garlic, onions, chilli beans and deep fired, left us wanting for more.
In main course it was Malai Paneer with Cheese Parathas(very heavy and best if eaten hot) and Aloo Parathas. Nicely presented and served with home cooked feel.
We also tired KitKat milkshake, what I liked is that it was simple and tasty not too much jazz going on the glass.
All in all the food and drinks here are worth it. A lazy afternoon is the best with forest deco interiors ( you can’t miss the trees with lights inside this place giving you a feel of sitting by the woods)
A rocking place which also hosts events and parties. So do try them and you wouldn’t regret at all.


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