Famous Street Food Shanghai

I had a lovely time exploring and discovering Shanghai. When it comes to food it never disappoints no matter what and where in Shanghai are you. They have something to offer you. A vegetarian person will never be left hungry for sure. I came across this lovely form of street food called Satay. Its barbeque or grilled or whatever you want to call it but it’s the best. They have all type of stuff (I mean all edible)lined up in front of you to choose from. Right from Mushroom to Broccoli to Seafood to chicken. You don’t have to name it in this case you have to think about it and bang on, it’s there for you. My personal favourite is Broccoli, Brinjal, Mushroom (Oops! Do I have all vegetarian favourites, well it the best). For non vegetarians, chicken, whole fish, sausages and lots more is there. So next time you are in Shanghai please don’t be shy just walk on the streets and locate people ( mostly couples)with these amazing charcoal barbeque stations and just eat as much. As it’s real easy on wallet too.


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