Epigamia Greek Yogurt

Food Review Time – Thanks @epigamiayogurt for this opportunity – Epigamia is India’s first all-natural Greek yogurt. It is thick and creamy in texture, low in fat and high in protein, with double the amount of protein as compared to regular flavoured yogurts or dahi. Due to its many flavours and nutritional benefits, Epigamia makes for a great snack on its own or a super versatile ingredient in a wide variety of recipes.

Well we, that is me and my family picked our favourite Yogurt from the variety of epigamia yogurt.You simply made our dinner time the best. It is fresh and the flavours are all natural to taste. Some of the top favourites in my house are Mango, Blueberry, Vanilla Bean, Green Apple and Cream & Onion with Barley puffs (Snack Pack).

Do try them I’m sure you would love it as well.

You can easily get them online Just a click away and low fat/ high protein snack is ready for you.


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