Shreelancer -the movie…

Well I had the opportunity to watch this movie as I won a online contest on Instagram. Thank God for that, as I loved the movie. All the characters were rightly placed without the OTP drama. The lead is so relatable that at some point it feels its your own story. We all have been there done that. That one trip in life is very important, that one trip which is with no phones, no gadgets, no nothing. It has to be with oneself to find oneself. That’s exactly what the movie tells. It’s as real as it gets in today’s world.
We all have ideas, we all have aspirations but what we all lack is that inspiration. We know how to let go but we don’t know when to let go. This movie tells us that. Made by a humble director Mr Sandeep Mohan, who is a story teller and doesn’t let us the audience feel bored at any given point. There are some amazing twist and turn (pretty unexpected) after the intermission, where most of the big budget movies loose the plot, but in Shreelancer it just gets better and better. The lead played by Arjun Radhakrishnan is likable and as lost as any one of us in real life.
I don’t want to give away anymore from the novie. Just go and watch till it’s running at Cinemas near or far away from you. It’s worth a watch trust me when I say that. You will love it and you will want to develop that one thing in life, which is called LIFE.


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