“Read Drink Think”

Half Pants, Full Pants
Half Pants, Full Pants: Real-Life Tales from Shimoga

Life is full of surprises which are called experiences later. Everyday we see, feel and touch, so many things living and non living. Some people leave us and some people stay forever. It is not important to be available everywhere all the time. We might walk away or walk along but what remains is the memory of that particular person and that particular place.

I was pleasantly surprised when Paperboat Beverages decided to send a wonderful book Half Pants, Full Pants written by Anand Suspi to me. I have been reviewing some serious beverages and food items but a book like this one from them was a first for me. This book is not only an awesome read but a great companion as well. It traveled along with me until I finished reading it. The book speaks about a wonderful roller coaster journey of this half pants who grows to be full pants.
Paper Boat Juice, Chilli Guava, 1L

It has so many wonderful ups and downs and twists that it will leave you feeling nostalgic. A must read for sure. Anand’s writing is simple to the point and straight from the heart. It took in down the memory lane to my childhood and how? A real treat to the readers who enjoy a light hearted but some good Indian writing.

It’s Papaerboat’s new venture and this is the first title in the world of books by them. So go ahead and grab your copy today Plus pick a juice to sip on from Paperboat as well and do leave your comments for me to know if you liked the book (which I’m sure you would).
Paperboat Special Doypack

Happy Reading Happy Drinking Happy Thinking….


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