Bohemain means Unconvential

Bohemian means unconventional , free spirited , avant garde , eccentric with a flair for art & literature .

Bohemian Brew café is located close to khar west station . Segmented into 3 they have an al fresco section for hookah lovers , an AC dining section & an underground  area to cater to large groups . At the entry the is a mini tea boutique displaying an array of assorted teas .

The colour palate used to design this picturesque place is vibrant & bright with immense emphasis on balance as its subtle yet stylish , striking & sophisticated . From eye catching lanterns , wall artifacts , table top art , abstract floral motifs on couch backs , ever inch of this restaurant has art & creativity inculcated  in it with the flow reflecting even in their bone china crockery .

Well the applaud  factor doesn’t stop there it is evident in their teas & food as well . The plating & presentation of every dish is breathtaking & noteworthy in itself & you simply cannot help your self from clicking photos to cherish as fond memories . I felt as if I’m in a museum in Turkey  with so much to admire & definitely not in Mumbai for sure when I entered this place to sample their 5 course Tasting Menu .

First came the Beetroot Carpacciio with Arugula & Goat Cheese salad which had a mildly sweet dressing garnished with pine nuts . The salad was light on the palette bursting with textures ,  flavours & colours ideal for health conscious & fitness inclined people who prefer nutritional fresh start to their meal .The Executive Chef of Bohemian Brew  Mr Rahul Desai is an alumina of the world renowned prestigious Le Cordon Bleu  University who has currated each dish infusing his years of experience working with the ultimate best in the culinary sector & personally creates each dish with precise precision which is evident not only visually but satiates all the senses .
The Appetiser was Yaprak Sarma

Wine leaves rolled with rice , pine nuts , dried cranberry , fresh herbs porched in a garlic lemon broth served  with garlic sauce .I would like to give the chef a standing ovation for this recipe as I have never eaten something so innovative in my life ever . Hope the dish receives the highest degree of International award for sheer ORIGINALITY ! I was totally spell bound , lost for words & awestruck when I had a bite of this astounding dish . I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND any one who is a food lover bored of monotony & ready to travel any place just to devour indigenous & original creations rather than clones available from 5start to the street . This dish is above ratings & should be patented & made a signature .
Basil pesto Risotto

Comfort food at its best is all I have to say about this dish .
Vegetable Lasange

Layered pasta with roasted vegetables & tomato sauce finished with a layer of Parmesan cheese . 

Even thought these were tasting portions the quantity was generous using only fresh ingredients which escalated the Italian delicacy to whole new level .

Gooyey Chocolate cake 

Honestly I was filled to the brim after consuming the the rich mains & dint have any space for desserts . But who can say no to chocolate . Sinful , loaded with pure chocolate which dissolves in your mouth giving you that feeling of ecstasy .You need to diet for atleast a week after relishing this chocolate bomb . 

I tried their Oriental tea which has tropical fruit flavours  of mango & pineapple ! OMG !!!  I could drink liters of this endlessly . Must Try .The fruity notes instantly refresh you served in dainty glass cups & equally pretty tea pot . 

The service is a little slow which can be worked upon .

Am I going back here  ….Yes ofcos until I finish tasting each & every item in their menu !

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