My new girlfriend…

I have always treated my phone like my girlfriend. When ever I pick one I give my 100% to her. She never complains to me about not giving her attention as I’m 24×7 on her. I never cheat and part with her for other better ones. All day starts and ends with her. She is with me in the shower as well talking to me and even singing to me the latest songs. Yes! Extremely talented and charming and never complaining. Sometime later she started to hang and would often get upset with me. Would get overheated if I spoke to anyone for hours together over her. Sometimes she would even hate me for taking selfies with other girls or even sharing the phone with others to let them see her. Like any other girl she would hate my guts when I would click pics of me in the loo or make videos of me using lifestyle products on face or hair (head) or anything and would slip and fall often. Once I forget her in my friends bag during a flight and she gave up on me.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (Black, 32GB)

I loved her so much but I had to let go of her and get a new girlfriend asap. As the quality of our relationship was vastly dependent on the picture that we took. Few even were rejected by Instagram where as Facebook had no issues. That is when she told me to replace her and I went straight to Amazon and there I fell in love again. It was love at first sight. She looked pretty in three different colours white, gold and black. Black being the colour of all seasons instantly took my breath away and I realized to welcome a person in my life is not easy and to look at the same person for the rest of the life of that person is easy.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (Black, 32GB)

There it was my very own Samsung J7 Max.
Brand new addition to the Samsung family (And mine too). It is fast and furious as it comes with 4GB RAM. It has too memory of 32GB (better remember that the phone stores whatever you remember). It’s a good companion as it has 3300mAh Battery hence, stays focused with you. There is something called Mood Lightings in the Boeing Aircrafts and there is Smart Glow in the phone ( you have to hold it in your hands and see the fun). Best feature of all is, 13MP camera is the same front and back. So the selfies are as clear as it gets when clicked from the back camera. Plus it is a social camera which means it’s easy I mean very very simple to share pictures where ever you want.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (Gold, 32GB)

The box comes along with a Mobile Phone, Travel Adaptor, Stereo Headset and Ejection Pin (most important). It’s MRP is Rs 19,150/- but discounted for sure if purchased online from Amazon or Flipkart.
So go ahead have some real fun with this festive season. 

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (Black, 32GB)
Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (Gold, 32GB)


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