Not just a feeling…

Many a times you must have felt someone just said something to you. The warmth in their voice could be felt, but when you just turned around to see, there’s no one. You ears are still trying to make you believe there was someone saying something but your mind rejects the very mention of it. It is called listening to your own self. It is good to talk to yourself once in a while. Doesn’t hurt anyone, but the fear kicks in when you don’t have a logical reason behind what happens around you. Tell me if you have experienced something like that….“Tell me what you feel…”


Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India. The best part about it is the atmosphere and the whole feel in the air. Blessed with beautiful beaches around. This project was founded by Sir Aurobindo, in the 60’s. Whenever I visit this place it gives me a new meaning to my life. Rich culture, trees and amazing people make it worth a visit….DSC02350

Yoga for Tarot

Yoga is not only for mind, body and soul. It also gives a balance and direction in life. Whenever I have a Tarot card reading to do for my clients I surrender myself to deep breathing much before I meet my clients for the sessions. It not only helps me to focus but also connects me to them. The energy flow is much better and it helps me stabilize my thoughts. I would recommend the art of Yoga to all. You just need to come up with a pattern that suites you the best. The way is simple and the way to follow is as well. You just go for it.

Puma Urban Stampede 2013

Puma Urban Stampede 2013

I did it…. I’m proud of myself as I ran for the first time and finished the race in 41mins…which is awesome for first time (with no practice) I was really nervous but the excitement took over quickly. The crowd cheering was simply Superb…. Next year I will do even better….

Incredible India

Incredible India

This is one of the most beautiful places I visited in India. Athirappilly, set in the southern India, Kochi (Cochin). Just looking at it relaxes your mind, body and touches the soul. Just 2 n Half hrs by road. Getting around is not a problem as people do speak English and are very welcoming too. Plus awesome food at the local joints…