Creative Minds

Product Reveiw- Well the reason I got this is for starting digital art work. This drawing tablet helps with not only digital drawing but photo editing and comic making. It’s light weighted (as comes without battery and connects to the laptop driectly) you can go wireless as well (need to order the same). It’s easy to travel with, the mint blue color adds to the fun feel it has . So next time I am bored and have nothing to do…all I will have to do is grab my Intuos Draw Small and create. Awaiting a world of animation and fun. @wacomindia you guys nailed it @wacom. The only issue I faced is the installation takes quite some time. Best is to use your Wi-Fi connection to do the same and the CD can be kept as a back up. I’m just awaiting (rather controlling myself) from creating beautiful and out of the box art work.

Frubites – Snack on Happiness

Food Review – Well not every time you come across such chunky funky snacks. I loved the personalized letter from @frubites_snacks (no one writes letters nowadays). Frubites is one of those snacks which are high on taste and quality. The snack that gives you energy without any calories. Made from 100% real fruit and loaded with minerals, vitamins, lip-smacking goodness, each pack is a treat in itself. I had the opportunity to review their two super delicious snack of happiness which made me snack on happiness. Banana and Chikoo. Best part is that it’s made of real fruits. There’s no added sugar, no preservatives. Simply 100% natural. The icing on the cake is it’s Gluten Free. What more can we ask for. These wonderful Banana frubites can be added in the morning breakfast routine along with cereals or just munch on them. The Chikoo frubites can be added as a topping in Ice Cream, smoothie or just munch on them (Chikoo frubites is my personal favourite). So go ahead grab your Frubites from the Stores or simply order online. Have a wonderful treat which is not a cheat treat for sure…