Life inside Life…

This was one of the best installations I saw this year at Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2014 brought to us by Hindustan Times It was simple but very deep It shows every woman who gives birth to a child is creating life and if it’s a boy or a girl doesn’t matter as it is LIFE….

When Fun equals to Celebrations…

                Well this is that part of the year when all the celebrations take a kick-start. Deepavali also famously known as Diwali. It starts with all the celebration along with buying gold, decorating house with lights and making wonderful rangoli’s outside the house at the main entrances. People all over India celebrate and indulge in this festive season. Some also make lovely snacks at home and for some it is just a way to meet relatives and friends. There is enough written on this topic on the internet but my reason to write about this is Celebration. We often remember to celebrate but what we forget is the responsibility that comes along with it.


                               As children, my sister (Shruti) and I decided not to burn crackers to avoid contributing in pollution of sorts. That is a commitment you need to make for yourself. Deal with it after a while it is worth a thought. Enjoyment is not to create huge sounds and kill birds and creatures who live in coexistence with us. Enjoyment is all about the Celebration of life and its existence. Correct me if I am wrong but there were pictures I received from my friends and family that gave me enough reason to smile and having fun became easy. Always look for happiness inside yourself it will make everything happy around you as well.


                       Eating healthy, living healthy is no big deal but what makes it a big deal is the choice that we make. Just go out there and share the snacks made at home (picture courtesy Sanket— school friend). Share the joy it will surely increase.



          Rangoli made by a close friend, Sona showed me the love for her family members and friends alike. By placing, a beautiful diya (lamp) outside your house encourages positivity and good fortune. Various lamps mostly organic and handmade make it to a beautiful sight (picture courtesy Aastha— college friend). Seen in the picture below is floating candles. So the next time you celebrate Diwali make sure to have fun but pass on a message too. Life is full of excitement, love and pleasures. What matters is whether we are able to sustain it.




Verdict — What is just for fun may not last but what is just for celebration is forever…

Dreamy artwork that Glitters…

This was one of the best artwork I spotted on my visit to Thailand in one of the famous buddha temples Image 


Simply fascinating to see something so effortlessly done and outstandingly beautiful in itself Thailand can boost of many such artworks and  the eye for detail is too good Image


Do visit when you’re in Thailand next time As Bangkok, Thailand is more than just a shopping destination and relaxation centre of the world (according to me) Indulging in artworks like this even gives your mind peace and calms you down….it did inspire me to write a short story which I’m working on right now… It will be a deliteful plesaure as I finish the story…fingers crossed…Image


I simply love Thailand as it offers something new everytime I go there…n it will sure do the same to you…

Yoga for Tarot

Yoga is not only for mind, body and soul. It also gives a balance and direction in life. Whenever I have a Tarot card reading to do for my clients I surrender myself to deep breathing much before I meet my clients for the sessions. It not only helps me to focus but also connects me to them. The energy flow is much better and it helps me stabilize my thoughts. I would recommend the art of Yoga to all. You just need to come up with a pattern that suites you the best. The way is simple and the way to follow is as well. You just go for it.