Do We, Don’t We?

‚ÄčIt goes away from you, when you go closer. It’s like a beautiful butterfly, she knows she is pretty, she knows she is wanted, she knows she is loved, she knows alot of things but what she doesn’t know is that she won’t be like this forever. Where as love stays the way it is….

“Awesome Run to Awesome Breakfast”

So, when you return after a good run, all you want to do is eat a breakfast which is well balanced and high on nutrients. At the same time you have to get those dirty shoes, shorts and tee off to the laundry (before the whole neighborhood gets to know about your awesome run and…

Kanyakumari, India

The beautiful southernmost tip at mainland India.(Thiruvananthapuram).. A must visit..surrounded with awesome beaches… totally recommended…

Yoga for Tarot

Yoga is not only for mind, body and soul. It also gives a balance and direction in life. Whenever I have a Tarot card reading to do for my clients I surrender myself to deep breathing much before I meet my clients for the sessions. It not only helps me to focus but also connects…

Incredible India

This is one of the most beautiful places I visited in India. Athirappilly, set in the southern India, Kochi (Cochin). Just looking at it relaxes your mind, body and touches the soul. Just 2 n Half hrs by road. Getting around is not a problem as people do speak English and are very welcoming too….