Berlin all the way 2016 rocks!!!

Sandip Soparrkar does it again and how…International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin 2016 saw some very welknown international faces on the red carpet one of them  was our very own Sandip Soparrkar from B Town Bollywood Mumbai. Sandip was invited to talk on “How dance just like Films can bring about the change in the society” and like always did fantastic job on the same. The evening became more colourful and lively when he matched steps with well known dancer from London Ms Melody Ashton and did full justice to the theme “Stop Acid Attack on Women” the dance that couldn’t get better. 

Sandip walked the red carpet and also gave away the ‘Best Film’ award. Followed with an interview up and close with ace journalist Steve Grossmith.

Well it’s unfair not to mention that Soparrkar over the years have become a hot favourite with red carpet and specially when it comes to film festivals and taking Bollywood with his dance and placing it on in the world map. Diwali celebration couldn’t get better than this for him and his fans back home in India. 

With Melody Ashton at Berlin 
With journo Steve Grossmith
With Film Festival Director Carl Tooney

The Indian Dancer @ Cannes 2016

Well Cannes was in news and will always be in news however I have a right reason to share. This year saw many talented personalities walk down the asile Cannes is a wonderful place to be and see the world differently and one such thing happened this year An Indian dancer ace in his art Mr Sandip Soparrkar who got introduced as an exotic dancer from India at Cannes 2015 and this year as “Indian  Ambassador of dance”  He was alsi invited to give a talk on “Dance in Bollywood films n it’s changing trends” which sounds really interesting as coming from him it would be a great treat for the attendees He even graced the red carpet twice.Way to go Sandip Soparrkar there’s more to you and India has witnessed that at many occasions be it being a great human to being a great dancer. The world awaits to see more of you and we surely are blessed to have you around. Stay tuned for more in the mean while keep dancing and stay blessed.

At Cannes 2016
With Pooja Batra at Cannes 2016
Walking the red carpet
Another Red Carpet walk

St. Tropez International Film Festival, South of France

This is incredible Sandip Soparrkar from Cannes to St Tropez International Film Festival, Hosted in The South of France, is amazing. The couple sparkled yet again on the red carpet and this time in South of France . Jesse looked delicious in the Armani gown she wore completing the look was Sandip with his well fitted and elegant black avatar India is surely proud of this dancing duo and wishes to see more of them on these international outings Kudos to them in the mean while and “Happy Dancing”

“Monsoon Magic is here”

Just a few days back I got common cold and couldn’t stop sneezing… well the reason I felt was some kind of allergy However, it was as always weather change… So I’m the official Mr Weather Change Reporter, my friends call me that all the time (I should be happy but the cold kills) Although its early this year but nothing to complain about, we need all the water that mother nature gives us and I hope this year at least people save it for a rainy day in future… The beautiful sky made me forget my cold and all the other problems I had…
The sky changed itself with all the thundering and lightning… It was a sure movie scene…like in the typical bollywood movie would have the thundering only for the actress to jump and hug the actor (getting really close) and break into a dance number… I surely danced in my mind… Loved it… The weather change has got the hot climate down and the city looks beautiful and romantic…enjoying every part of it….with cups of hot coffee by the window…

Best of Cannes, Day 1 n 4, The exotic Indian dancers shine n How…

They say save the best for last and that’s exactly what Sandip Soparrkar did… He wrote a black Sherwani (Indian attire) completing his look was Jesse Randhawa his better half looking elegant like always. They did make a cut and not to forget Sandip’s tilak on the forehead (again an Indian look) which was quite a head turner…setting him apart from the rest n the foreign media loved it… Way to go guys… Looking forward for more of you guys on the red carpet…Kudos for the turnout…

Best of Cannes Day 2 n 3, The exotic dancers from India

Best of Cannes Day 2 n 3, The exotic dancers from India

The exotic dancers from India shine at the Red Carpet, Cannes. Sandip Soparrkar along with his better half Jesse Randhawa burn the dance floor and How… check him out at and you would know…. But the best part was they got it right on the red carpet. Unlike some of the other bollywood celeb’s…putting the talented India on the global map… (smiles with satisfaction) More power….to the shining India… Cheers….