“Retail Therapy a Real Therapy”


    She is 24 (remember you are or once were 24 too the dreams you saw and feelings you got are no different) and hasn’t seen life yet… Together we can and we should make a difference. Life takes a full turn just when something happens out of the blue but there are times when things are not in our control. We have to support and stand by the chosen ones. They are gods children and our inspiration in one way or the other. Yuvraj Singh a ace cricketer came ahead to launch these slick bags along with You we can foundation. Its not only our good will but our responsibility to come ahead and do our bit. Its an ocean of people suffering quietly and helplessly out there.
On the other hand there are thankless people who just find faults and flaws in life. Now its your chance to be on the side you want to be.
Be a motivator Be a person you want to see.
Therefore, I have decided to tell the world about these causes and the efforts people put to put all this together.
Often we think why this happens or that happens but now is the time to just do and not look for answers which are meaningless. Try and get life to people as people are suppose to live a happy life. We as human race are not born to die meaningless or lead a worthless life. Do small things and do little things it’s more than enough. If everyone eats only tomato’s there would not be any tomato’s left. We all need each other and we all need you. Be the you in someone’s life.
There’s so much to do and there’s so little we can do.
Come and be the cause to push the Noble cause ahead.
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Beyond Truth…

                                   A friend told me true love is when you understand what unconditional love is. Like how your parents love you. Along with your weaknesses, your true love still stays by you. Like how any parent would do and that is very rare. However, I feel a parent even takes whatever their children give them not wanting anything more or anything less. There is only love to exchange and nothing else. Once you get someone in your life and you like that person then you should make things happen around that person and make it work. If you cannot do that then that person was never yours and will never be yours. Think about it, what you want and what you have, are two different things. You would not get something after you leave it.

                                It is as if you want to catch a train. The train would come and go at its own timings. You have to be at that time there at the station to catch the train. STOP! Stop thinking and reacting. It is very simple to say follow your heart and not your mind. Can you follow your heart and dance in a meeting if you feel like it. The answer is a big NO. So why put yourself into a mode where there is no returning. You can hurt yourself it is your will, but do not let someone else hurt you. You can be a bigger person and forgive. You definitely should also. Make a list at what cost. Ask yourself how important it is for you, to be with that person. What are you ready to sacrifice? Will it make any difference in the other person’s life? Would you be able to face your own self? You can do this today as you know what you are getting into but what happens in the coming years. Why put yourself into a situation that can be easily avoided for a better future. You will be proud of yourself one day. You need not wait for that day, as today is that day. Live for today as tomorrow is something we have not seen but are only preparing for. When you put yourself into a problematic situation, remember one thing you put your whole family and friends into it.

                            The biggest question is suddenly why does the love from your parents, sister, brother, pet becomes less and you crave for superficial love. This superficial love takes over and how. Before you can realize it, you are in a car that has no breakers. This car is on a road named Self Pity. In no time, self-pity turns into self-destruction. So ask yourself, why am I doing this? What would I get in return? Moreover, do I deserve this? Being disheartened does not get you anywhere. Think of it this way the other person was okay doing what he or she did and you on the other did whatever you could. So why feel bad now. Everything comes with an expiry date. It is like when we like a chocolate we keep it in the fridge to eat it later. However, it would be spoiled after a particular date. Even if you eat it right away, how long would you keep eating it? You have to stop somewhere and it is the same with relationships. You should not feel low or sad it did not last. Feel good you still have a longing to achieve love. Overcome defect but not love. Only when you truly love yourself will love follow you. As it is there but we do not want it. We are actually scared of being loved completely. Since, we still want to discover what we can get. Nothing is more and nothing is less. We are just looking for equilibrium.  So relax and move ahead. See what you missed and locate what you did not do in the first place. Life will surprise you and at the same time try to avoid surprising yourself. Do something that you never did. Do something for someone who needs. Show love around. Smile at someone who is a stranger to you at the same time sees you every day. 



Share your time….

The biggest charity in today’s world is giving your time to someone. We can donate many things and contribute in many ways (not disputing that) but Time is very precious. As mostly, we don’t have it for ourselves also. I use to donate things to an orphanage. One day when I visited those children I realized  all they wanted was to play with someone, talk to someone and hug someone. Things can’t hug and has no feelings. Remove time for someone today and see the difference you make in their life. They might be not needy but still would appreciate the fact. Make greeting cards, draw something and create a gift that is as original as you. The time and effort that goes into such things can’t be felt otherwise. Share your talents and multiple your blessings. So next time rather than spending time in a mall wondering what to buy, spend time with that person by being the perfect company that you would like to have…. 

Puma Urban Stampede 2013

Puma Urban Stampede 2013

I did it…. I’m proud of myself as I ran for the first time and finished the race in 41mins…which is awesome for first time (with no practice) I was really nervous but the excitement took over quickly. The crowd cheering was simply Superb…. Next year I will do even better….

Puma Urban Stampede ’13

I’m very excited about the relay race (Puma Urban Stampede, 2013) which has come to Mumbai for the first time, with Charity Partner, Think Foundation. We have made a team of 4 people. Its my first ever race. Each runner would have to run 5 kms (I have the greatest stamina in talking n dancing) Let’s see what happens. I’m nervous but excited. Come Sunday, 0600hrs,  I love to challenge myself and this would be a different kind…. Fingers Crossed….entering the club Runners For Life….