Life inside Life…

This was one of the best installations I saw this year at Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2014 brought to us by Hindustan Times It was simple but very deep It shows every woman who gives birth to a child is creating life and if it’s a boy or a girl doesn’t matter as it is LIFE….

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon ’14…

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon '14...

Well after the very successful run last year in Puma Urban Stampede ’13, Mumbai I have gathered some courage to go ahead and be part of SCMM’14
It is also special as my mom who was a state level runner in her school days joins in to double the fun and takes my excitement to a different level
I hope we do well and get all the power to give our best As it is not for competition alone I run for Pico who has arranged this fabulous run in support of the NGO, Pratham which works towards the educating children
This makes my pleasure to be part of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon more exciting
So fingers crossed and god bless everyone who is part of the marathon in some way or the else

Share your time….

The biggest charity in today’s world is giving your time to someone. We can donate many things and contribute in many ways (not disputing that) but Time is very precious. As mostly, we don’t have it for ourselves also. I use to donate things to an orphanage. One day when I visited those children I realized  all they wanted was to play with someone, talk to someone and hug someone. Things can’t hug and has no feelings. Remove time for someone today and see the difference you make in their life. They might be not needy but still would appreciate the fact. Make greeting cards, draw something and create a gift that is as original as you. The time and effort that goes into such things can’t be felt otherwise. Share your talents and multiple your blessings. So next time rather than spending time in a mall wondering what to buy, spend time with that person by being the perfect company that you would like to have….