38 Degree East, Lounge Bar/Pub, Powai, Mumbai 

One stop for awesomeness if looked for, it has to be 38 Degree East in Powai. The ambiance takes you to a different world altogether which is a mix of Iranian, Mexican and Italian cuisines/cultures in short. Enjoyed every moment there. I was invited as a Food Blogger and they really know how to give you a good time. Right from food to drinks, perfection is the word. Every staff serving the delicious dishes exactly know what they are serving. It’s with such style and enthusiasm that the customers are looked after.
With some amazing drinks served with amazing presentation. The show stopper for me was Torafuku which tasted a lot like pina colada, the twist to it was banana flavour along with a small banana and cherry as garnishes to look great with. Then the Cranberry Delight which was a delightful sight in itself as it was served in a two faced glass with fumes coming out of it.
Berry Wine Popsicles was another cocktail that too caught my attention. It is actually served with a popsicle waiting to melt its way into the wine.
Pauva looked refreshing and like a rockstar sits infornt of you, wanting you to grab it and drink it.
In the Appetizers they didn’t fall short with Vegetarian choices Singapore Spindles and Wanton Nachos, they’re full of cheese and melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more.
Pawns Wantons Cup was the star in the non vegetarian department and Jhinga Pakoda. Which you can not just have one.
I was excited to see Sushi fly, its way on my table. Yes I say that as it’s severed on a aeroplane which actually moves.
Lamb burger parked on table as it’s inside a school bus whose roof has to be opened to grab one.
The main course was simply the best with Veg Thai Curry (red) and 7 Jewel Rice. I personally loved Nasi Goreng to settle for one.
Love love love for me was Pisang Goreng and Fruit Filled Baked Wantons with Vanilla Ice Cream.
In short if you are looking for a meal and want to drink your heart out this is the place for you.
They are unapologetic about the drinks they spoil you with. Specially the price tag goes easy on your wallet and you will surely drink more than you planned to settle for.
The decoration (interiors) are mindblowingly fresh and the roof top transports you into another enchanting world.
So guys and girls get ready for fun experince along with some great food.
38 Degree East is the place for you.

“Night Falls for a candlelight dinner”

It’s such a beautiful weather here in Mumbai, India I’m loving it… Just saw the sky change from reddish orange to bluish purple… and now slowly its going into the dark, like it planned anyway…. Rains awaited in the night lets see… last night it did rain making it pleasant and loveable… had wonderful beauty sleep and got up to yet again hot day….but the evening broke pretty good…and night looks romantic and cold….My mom has arranged superb Indian dinner and I’m adding my spice with a scented candle So my parents will enjoy romantic candlelight dinner and I’ll serve them…. sounds like a perfect family time…Having food along with family and friends is the best part and the most relaxing….Cheers to the monsoons and lovely time ahead…


“Monsoon Magic is here”

Just a few days back I got common cold and couldn’t stop sneezing… well the reason I felt was some kind of allergy However, it was as always weather change… So I’m the official Mr Weather Change Reporter, my friends call me that all the time (I should be happy but the cold kills) Although its early this year but nothing to complain about, we need all the water that mother nature gives us and I hope this year at least people save it for a rainy day in future… The beautiful sky made me forget my cold and all the other problems I had…
The sky changed itself with all the thundering and lightning… It was a sure movie scene…like in the typical bollywood movie would have the thundering only for the actress to jump and hug the actor (getting really close) and break into a dance number… I surely danced in my mind… Loved it… The weather change has got the hot climate down and the city looks beautiful and romantic…enjoying every part of it….with cups of hot coffee by the window…

Aircraft window…

When you look out of the aircraft window, everything looks so peaceful and calm (thank air travel for the same). Weather it is the green field or the buildings or the hills or simply the sea. It is worth looking at. Everything is so quite and in harmony with each other just like a perfect painting. Why can’t it be the same after we land. All you can see and feel is pollution, poverty and crime. I want the earth to be a clean and normal place that God gifted us but I guess it’s too late in the day to ask for that. However, it’s not impossible. Each one of us can try and be nice to the things that can’t speak and Be the voice of earth… and you’ll not only see but breathe the difference…