When Fun equals to Celebrations…

                Well this is that part of the year when all the celebrations take a kick-start. Deepavali also famously known as Diwali. It starts with all the celebration along with buying gold, decorating house with lights and making wonderful rangoli’s outside the house at the main entrances. People all over India celebrate and indulge in this festive season. Some also make lovely snacks at home and for some it is just a way to meet relatives and friends. There is enough written on this topic on the internet but my reason to write about this is Celebration. We often remember to celebrate but what we forget is the responsibility that comes along with it.


                               As children, my sister (Shruti) and I decided not to burn crackers to avoid contributing in pollution of sorts. That is a commitment you need to make for yourself. Deal with it after a while it is worth a thought. Enjoyment is not to create huge sounds and kill birds and creatures who live in coexistence with us. Enjoyment is all about the Celebration of life and its existence. Correct me if I am wrong but there were pictures I received from my friends and family that gave me enough reason to smile and having fun became easy. Always look for happiness inside yourself it will make everything happy around you as well.


                       Eating healthy, living healthy is no big deal but what makes it a big deal is the choice that we make. Just go out there and share the snacks made at home (picture courtesy Sanket— school friend). Share the joy it will surely increase.



          Rangoli made by a close friend, Sona showed me the love for her family members and friends alike. By placing, a beautiful diya (lamp) outside your house encourages positivity and good fortune. Various lamps mostly organic and handmade make it to a beautiful sight (picture courtesy Aastha— college friend). Seen in the picture below is floating candles. So the next time you celebrate Diwali make sure to have fun but pass on a message too. Life is full of excitement, love and pleasures. What matters is whether we are able to sustain it.




Verdict — What is just for fun may not last but what is just for celebration is forever…

Melting heaven in mouth…

Every time you travel to a place new or old, it offers you something new. There is so much to see and discover. We just need to walk and look around us. Everything might look the same if you have been to the place before but with an open mind, there is so much to see, feel and do. Exactly, with that in mind I discovered something new on my visit to Singapore this time. Well, how many of us have a sweet tooth (everyone I guess) and often a sweet something comes with deep-fried, oily and too much sweet to handle. So what I discovered was because I ate something super spicy and while I did enjoy it to the core I also did run around looking for something sweet and I couldn’t lie I actually don’t like too much sweet I came across Tutu, a Chinese sweet. To my surprise it was steamed and completely oil free. Amazing, isn’t it? 



Tutu is made of rice flour (that’s it) and one can add anything as filling as they want (how cool is that). On offering were different flavors like chocolate, red bean, plain, peanut and coconut. Overall an awesome deal. I had coconut tutu, simply full of coconut flavors busting in my month. Making me wanting to eat more. I did try chocolate (I have a soft corner for chocolate and can eat anything and everything with chocolate in it), which was superb too. The making time of Tutu is only less than minute and steamed. Priced at $2.30 – $ 3.00 Singapore dollars for 3 pieces will surely have you wanting to try more. It is served on a small square shaped banana leaf plate. Completely organic and easy on stomach. 



Verdict- Do try it if you are watching your diet and avoiding fatty junk food. Do not try if you are not ready for something that is not as sweet as you want it to be. However, it is worth a try. So go for it.

Totally worth it….

July Tarot Readings 2013

With the blessings for Lord Shiva and all the holy spirits….I proudly present the Tarot readings for the month of July 2013…I hope it will help you all for sure…


Aries—There is a lot in stored for you this month. There will be action, development and more.  You will be sensual and creative. Accepting something new and working towards it will come naturally to you this month. Remember one thing be rational and follow your instincts. Do not go by what others have to say. Be yourself, the strong and resourceful person that you are, it will pay off for sure.  Keyword- Compassion.

Taurus- You are a little confused off late, well do not be. This month shows you the direction however, you need to choose a path. Your craving for love will come to rest and you might come across a loved one who will give you pleasure and happiness. Worrying about the past will not get you anywhere. Move ahead and accept what is presented to you. You will not only be surrounded with friends who support you but you are in for a surprise. Keyword- Acknowledgement.

Gemini- If you were let down in the past, this is the month stand up and confront the situation. Do not hold back on any emotion, as it will only hurt you later. You will be disciplined this month. There will be a little feeling of peer pressure but do not give into it. As you will know exactly how to act or rather react and take control of the situation. Keyword- Conforming.

Cancer- You have put a lot of effort in whatever task you were given and this is the month to sit back and enjoy the rewards for the same. You have trusted in the situation and fared well. You are ready to turn over a new leaf in your life. If you were heartbroken, this is the time to start afresh. You will have not only psychological but also spiritual growth too. Keyword- Realism.

Leo- You love your family and friends and they will surely make you happy this month. There is inner peace and joy that you will experience. The world around you will give you a feeling of oneness and ease. There is an emotional fulfillment that you get this month and it helps you to be more open minded and caring. You have completed one cycle of your life and ready for a new one. Keyword- Harmony.

Virgo- You have to relax and be less impulse this month.  As you are ready to leap into anything new be careful of not hurting anyone. You feel optimist in whatever you do. A great month to start something you wanted to do for a long time. Feeling spontaneous and carefree will make you adventurous. However giving a commitment will be an issue. Feel free to experiment and explore the world around. Keyword- Childlike.

Libra- You have wished for something to happen for a long time. This is the month when your wish fulfills. Emotionally will are going to get satisfaction. You are ready to smell the flowers around and taking a break can be a good option. Sometimes simple things in life can be fun too. You are surely blessed and rejoicing the same will be a natural feeling. Just be cautious and do not step on the wrong side of fence. Keyword- Pleasure.

Scorpio- This you are bond to feel different and inventive in everything you do. This month widening your horizons will be lucrative and get pleasure. Stand aside and show them what you have. Create a mark for yourself and others will see it too. You courage will take you to a different level altogether. So do not turn and look at the past, as it is finished. Keyword- Achievement.

Sagittarius- You more realistic than ever. However, you need to put more effort in order to achieve the task you have undertaken. Showing passion and being passionate are two different things and understanding that will surely help you. Your dedication will take you places for sure but be ready for change and feel the change too. Be cautious but not afraid to take a chance.  Life is fair to who are fair with life, think. Keyword- Responsible.

Capricorn- You are going to start a new journey for sure. There is a sense of vocation, as the month will progress. Go with the flow but do not be flown away. You are in charge of you inventions and you will know doing what is going to result as what. There are clues all around you but picking up those clues and making the most out of them is up to you. Keyword- Foresight.

Aquarius- You are going to be presented with too much to choose from. A feel of being disorganized may erupt naturally. Be certain while performing a task as over confidence might land to into trouble. By the mid month, you might feel lazy and relaxed, delaying the completion of a task. You have to lower your exceptions a little in order to enjoy life.  Looking into every detail before someone, takes you for a ride. Keyword- Self-Indulgence.

Pisces- There is a possible reunion on cards. Meeting an old friend will get all your memories back. Your innocence will make you playful this month. You are going to share good will and positivity around. You will be left nostalgic this month and will experience happiness and a child-like fun surrounding you. Putting the past behind and feeling fulfilled and blessed are the order of the month for you. Keyword- Playfulness. 

— As also featured in Travel Glance magazine…


Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India. The best part about it is the atmosphere and the whole feel in the air. Blessed with beautiful beaches around. This project was founded by Sir Aurobindo, in the 60’s. Whenever I visit this place it gives me a new meaning to my life. Rich culture, trees and amazing people make it worth a visit….DSC02350

Lord Shiva

This beautiful statue of Lord Shiva, Paravati, Ganesh n Shivling I came across at the lobby in Hotel Holiday Inn, Silom, Bangkok. What makes it interesting to see is there were many quests taking pictures with it. Indian culture at its best for sure. I get a lot of positivety from Lord Shiva when I read Tarot Cards and that’s why when I saw it in the hotel I was really happy and content with it.