Be Yourself

If you are talkative They will say your over smart, If you are reserved They will say you are selfish, If you talk when required They will say you are mean and manipulate Toh best just be yourself and with ppl who give you positive energy…

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Yoga for Tarot

Yoga is not only for mind, body and soul. It also gives a balance and direction in life. Whenever I have a Tarot card reading to do for my clients I surrender myself to deep breathing much before I meet my clients for the sessions. It not only helps me to focus but also connects me to them. The energy flow is much better and it helps me stabilize my thoughts. I would recommend the art of Yoga to all. You just need to come up with a pattern that suites you the best. The way is simple and the way to follow is as well. You just go for it.

Lord Shiva

This beautiful statue of Lord Shiva, Paravati, Ganesh n Shivling I came across at the lobby in Hotel Holiday Inn, Silom, Bangkok. What makes it interesting to see is there were many quests taking pictures with it. Indian culture at its best for sure. I get a lot of positivety from Lord Shiva when I read Tarot Cards and that’s why when I saw it in the hotel I was really happy and content with it.