38 Degree East, Lounge Bar/Pub, Powai, Mumbai 

One stop for awesomeness if looked for, it has to be 38 Degree East in Powai. The ambiance takes you to a different world altogether which is a mix of Iranian, Mexican and Italian cuisines/cultures in short. Enjoyed every moment there. I was invited as a Food Blogger and they really know how to give you a good time. Right from food to drinks, perfection is the word. Every staff serving the delicious dishes exactly know what they are serving. It’s with such style and enthusiasm that the customers are looked after.
With some amazing drinks served with amazing presentation. The show stopper for me was Torafuku which tasted a lot like pina colada, the twist to it was banana flavour along with a small banana and cherry as garnishes to look great with. Then the Cranberry Delight which was a delightful sight in itself as it was served in a two faced glass with fumes coming out of it.
Berry Wine Popsicles was another cocktail that too caught my attention. It is actually served with a popsicle waiting to melt its way into the wine.
Pauva looked refreshing and like a rockstar sits infornt of you, wanting you to grab it and drink it.
In the Appetizers they didn’t fall short with Vegetarian choices Singapore Spindles and Wanton Nachos, they’re full of cheese and melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more.
Pawns Wantons Cup was the star in the non vegetarian department and Jhinga Pakoda. Which you can not just have one.
I was excited to see Sushi fly, its way on my table. Yes I say that as it’s severed on a aeroplane which actually moves.
Lamb burger parked on table as it’s inside a school bus whose roof has to be opened to grab one.
The main course was simply the best with Veg Thai Curry (red) and 7 Jewel Rice. I personally loved Nasi Goreng to settle for one.
Love love love for me was Pisang Goreng and Fruit Filled Baked Wantons with Vanilla Ice Cream.
In short if you are looking for a meal and want to drink your heart out this is the place for you.
They are unapologetic about the drinks they spoil you with. Specially the price tag goes easy on your wallet and you will surely drink more than you planned to settle for.
The decoration (interiors) are mindblowingly fresh and the roof top transports you into another enchanting world.
So guys and girls get ready for fun experince along with some great food.
38 Degree East is the place for you.

“Awesome Run to Awesome Breakfast”

So, when you return after a good run, all you want to do is eat a breakfast which is well balanced and high on nutrients. At the same time you have to get those dirty shoes, shorts and tee off to the laundry (before the whole neighborhood gets to know about your awesome run and How fit are you getting by the day?) There are many one stop solutions and ways to do it. Packed and refined are a big no. So why stress the best and the fastest and which will take care of the rest….its non other than Eggs…Eggs…and Eggs…

As the way to prepare and eat is not too complicated then why the process of talking about the same… Just read on…

Here are some easy tips on that breakfast which you can prepare while you are getting ready for work or simply are busy doing the household work.

All you need is…

Two eggs, Bread (white or brown depends of you), Pepper, Salt… optional Cheese and butter…


 Microwave, Plate…

Way to do it…

Place two or four breads in the center of the plate or in a pattern, you like. Apply butter and break two or four (if you are really hungry or having a quest over in the morning)

This is how a microwave plate can make things simple and continent in life. Make the same even if you are too bored to make a wholesome breakfast that lazy Sunday morning or are running late to work but never skip your first meal of the day.

So next time when you try this please leave a comment and let me know if you added your own touch to the same.

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TLC…The channel to watch out for…(Fast Fresh n Simple)

                                   I have been watching TLC for a long time. There were many shows, which used to be aired on Discovery Channel; I guess later they launched a different Lifestyle channel by the name Travel and Living (which became TLC). TLC is very inspiring to watch especially which there is so much to learn and see from around the world. Most of the times we roam and walk around looking at things randomly.
                                    TLC offers an insight into such things, food is not only food when you see all the great chiefs making it look simple.

                                    One of them is Donna Hay. She is simply awesome I love the food she has to offer us. Her cooking takes you to a different level altogether. The simplicity and all that she shows in her cooking is outstanding. No big names in the recipe and no out of the world ingredients, just tasteful cooking.

                                      It’s super fun to watch her cook and experiment with the various types of food and cooking according to the time we have on our hands…and off you go… Fast, Fresh and Simple…for sure…


Vision is just a word…if you are not visionary..

When was the last time you told someone about your vision and forgot about it. Well, the fact is when you tell someone about a vision you have for yourself, they will never let you forget about it. It’s simple, people find it funny and they laugh at you. That is the best part believe me as I’ll tell you, Why? The moment you share your vision, they laugh at it, which means you are on the right track to success and achieving it too. People will keep asking you What happen? When it is happening? and How it would happen? and poke you, which again is a good sign. As we get busy with our routine life we tend to ignore our once set vision. Simply tell everyone and they’ll keep reminding you and you would also keep working on converting your vision into reality. So next time, people Laugh at your Vision tell yourself you are on the right track. Listen to your inner self it tells you the truth as it doesn’t fear losing you.
“Go nail it”
Today is yours and no one can take it away from you…

Squirrel Up n Close My friend now….

This was odd for me as I have been feeding birds and dogs for the longest time now Birds simply fly in from various trees sit on my window and eat and drink at anytime of the day that suites them I have always placed a water bowl for birds, as summers in India can be really harsh
One fine day there were things (food) found half eaten and vessels dislocated Everybody wondered what was happening and how was it happening We blamed rats for the same but couldn’t find any around our house It was getting a little too much, the curiosity was killing all of us and my mom made some boiled corn with turmeric powder and placed it on the dining table as it was hot and I thinking I would eat it little later Only to discover a new quest sitting and munching on the boiled corn It was a SQUIRREL and there we got to know all the activities that were taking place
I must add here this is the most adorable creature I ever came across Awesome and Sweet at the same time Love the way it sits and eats the corn not only that any food that we place for it and whenever it comes by It becomes a treat for us to watch it eat with small little hands holding the item and chewing away to glory It is the best thing ever…
So now it has become my new best friend We all just love its sight and it has become our pleasure to feed it regularly….
Verdict- The most beautiful thing in the world to feed a animal which only gives love in return no matter what….

Virgin Coconut Milk

This is the Calicut specialty Coconut Milk… It is not only yummy, delicious but also healthy alternative for the fizzy drinks that we have mostly at a drop of hat I was introduced to this milky drink in Calicut, Kerala, India few years back The texture can be thick according to one’s choice and desire
It’s simple to prepare all you need is fresh coconut, milk, sugar (optional) and a blender
Put everything in a blender and there the healthy drink is ready to gulp
You can also add Vodka in the blender and make a Bloody Coconut Milk (best for party time) your friends will love it for sure and bless you for the same To get creative rose syrup can also be added, which would also provide a nice color to the drink and make it look attractive too. An awesome mock tail and cocktail at your finger tips without too much of an effort to start with. Decorate the glass with a wacky umbrella or an extra coconut to munch on while you slip the amazing drink and you are ready with the simple yet innovative drink (healthy and milky at the same time) Children would love it too for sure.
Verdict- Have on a sunny day to cool your system or just enjoy the rich drink

He Actually Kept It Simple…..



I have being following Jamie Oliver’s cooking for the longest time now… I love it when made Rice with practically everything from the fridge not to forget the Seafood rice… I have made in more than once and loved it every time I made it…. even my friends have enjoyed every bit of the seafood rice…Simple yet awesome to taste… I came across his products while I was walking around in one of the biggest grocery stores in Singapore 

I came across his lovely products in The Gourmet Store, Ion Mall… at the basement when you climb down the longest escalator… it was not only this yellow container of Lemon Herb Crust, which adds a zesty crunch to chicken and fish but also the black pepper bottle which I couldn’t resist looking at plus it said Black Pepper from India…well we Indian do love our pepper for sure… He has time and again proved he is the best and I simply love his simplicity in food… doesn’t make a big deal about anything at all…


That is why his tag line is “Keep it Simple” 

however, I would say, “He Actually Kept it Simple”…