Moon for Stars…Stars for whom???



When I look at the moon,

It looks bright.

It shines all night.

It gives light.

I can see so many stars around it.

All of them shining,

All of them bright,

All of them around it all night,

However, none of them with it.

The moon shines and goes by

The stars take all the brightness.

Just like that, the moon comes back.

Shining, smiling and giving light,

Stars never shine without the moon

Still they do not stay always with the moon.

This is life you give and give

People around you take and only take.

You may go and never come back

Until just like the moon shines for the stars to shine…

“Hurt by a Emotional Person”

“Getting emotional and Getting hurt are two different things…Decide which one suites u best”

Most of the time we as people forget to respect each others feelings. Where in one decides to be emotional about the whole thing and other decides to be hurt. Well you as a person need to think and react accordingly not over-reacting is the catch here.
People often do things unknowingly, and claim to know what they did as a reflex to being cool. As being popular, accepted and liked, is the only motto.
Then, what about the people who really like you and just want to be liked back by you or simply be acknowledged by you. Do they become demanding? And at the same time pleasing superficial people becomes more and more important by the day.
Get up and smell the coffee not because you need to but because you have to.
The only option is the only way out. So, get up and Love the ones who love you, Like the ones who like you. Don’t keep them waiting because the moment they do the same You will be left Hurt by a Emotional person.
Happy New Year to all the lovely people who motivate me to Blog better…Love you all…

Somethings are better said….

There is always that one thing or something that you want to say but can’t say it. Life is beautiful and this world is a wonderful place to live in. We create boundaries and walls, which the web world doesn’t. So feel free to ask me anything that might concern you. My liking for Tarot started few years back and I fell in love with my deck. Tarot is deep and very meaningful. Help me explore and get on to the ride with me…“BE MY QUEST”….

Smile Dairy

Smile at someone who is a stranger to you at the same time sees you every day. Start a Smile Dairy. Write down why you smiled, who made you smile, and how. Read it when you are low, disheartened, distressed or simply bored. It would lift your mood. Call someone acknowledge the fact you missed that person. It would not only put you in a cheerful mood but that person who gets a call from you…ImageWhy have one special person in your life when you can make yourself special for everyone around you. Happiness is like a return gift. Why do we long for on something that is not real? Love is real. Have you seen it? Have you touched it? Answer is a simple no. We can only feel it. Think about it. Imagine it. Therefore, what makes us look for it all the time? Don’t we look for something that we lose? We do not look for a lost friendship then why we keep looking for love. It is simple again, as we like to be owned. We like to belong. We like to be named. We like to be so and so. Without all that, everything seems to be insignificant. When we lose our job, we try to get another one. Nevertheless, love is not a job. It is not an interview for which we need to put our 100%. As it is rightly said we need our family to sail through the worst of situations, then what happens if our most trusted partner does not show up. There are so many things in life that we have to do alone. We all have our dirty secrets. So if I cannot share those things with someone whom I love unconditional. Ask yourself again are you really in love. Anything said and done, we need the pillar of support constantly. That support can come from anywhere. Sometimes places least expected. Then why don’t we look for those places instead. You might find love there too. However, the best thing to do is go with the follow. See where life takes you and for what. Each one of us has a destiny to fulfill and not everything is made for everyone. Just see what is in stored for you. What is your calling? If you like to eat at KFC that is fine but can you have it daily. Even the best food giant keeps introducing new flavors and innovative ideas to keep you interested in them. Can you wear your favorite shirt every day?  NO, is the answer. So why restrict yourself all the time. Once you find that someone special strict to them. Marriage ceremonies were not invented just for celebration. It is a way to show your commitment to the other person and sometimes you just have to make way for others. Others who want to enter into your life. 

Beyond Truth…

                                   A friend told me true love is when you understand what unconditional love is. Like how your parents love you. Along with your weaknesses, your true love still stays by you. Like how any parent would do and that is very rare. However, I feel a parent even takes whatever their children give them not wanting anything more or anything less. There is only love to exchange and nothing else. Once you get someone in your life and you like that person then you should make things happen around that person and make it work. If you cannot do that then that person was never yours and will never be yours. Think about it, what you want and what you have, are two different things. You would not get something after you leave it.

                                It is as if you want to catch a train. The train would come and go at its own timings. You have to be at that time there at the station to catch the train. STOP! Stop thinking and reacting. It is very simple to say follow your heart and not your mind. Can you follow your heart and dance in a meeting if you feel like it. The answer is a big NO. So why put yourself into a mode where there is no returning. You can hurt yourself it is your will, but do not let someone else hurt you. You can be a bigger person and forgive. You definitely should also. Make a list at what cost. Ask yourself how important it is for you, to be with that person. What are you ready to sacrifice? Will it make any difference in the other person’s life? Would you be able to face your own self? You can do this today as you know what you are getting into but what happens in the coming years. Why put yourself into a situation that can be easily avoided for a better future. You will be proud of yourself one day. You need not wait for that day, as today is that day. Live for today as tomorrow is something we have not seen but are only preparing for. When you put yourself into a problematic situation, remember one thing you put your whole family and friends into it.

                            The biggest question is suddenly why does the love from your parents, sister, brother, pet becomes less and you crave for superficial love. This superficial love takes over and how. Before you can realize it, you are in a car that has no breakers. This car is on a road named Self Pity. In no time, self-pity turns into self-destruction. So ask yourself, why am I doing this? What would I get in return? Moreover, do I deserve this? Being disheartened does not get you anywhere. Think of it this way the other person was okay doing what he or she did and you on the other did whatever you could. So why feel bad now. Everything comes with an expiry date. It is like when we like a chocolate we keep it in the fridge to eat it later. However, it would be spoiled after a particular date. Even if you eat it right away, how long would you keep eating it? You have to stop somewhere and it is the same with relationships. You should not feel low or sad it did not last. Feel good you still have a longing to achieve love. Overcome defect but not love. Only when you truly love yourself will love follow you. As it is there but we do not want it. We are actually scared of being loved completely. Since, we still want to discover what we can get. Nothing is more and nothing is less. We are just looking for equilibrium.  So relax and move ahead. See what you missed and locate what you did not do in the first place. Life will surprise you and at the same time try to avoid surprising yourself. Do something that you never did. Do something for someone who needs. Show love around. Smile at someone who is a stranger to you at the same time sees you every day.