I wish I was yours Yours to keep…

I wish I were yours,

Yours to keep.

Yours to be forever.

As I look for my lobster,

I come across only prawns.

I wish I were yours,

Yours to be forever.

People fall in love all the time

I do not belong to those people.

If I was to love, who was to love me?

If I was to be with someone, who was to be with me?

If god made people in pairs.

Then where is mine.

If love happens only in movies.

Then how does art imitate reality.

If art was to imitate reality.

Where is my reality?





Lovelife and more…

Lovelife and more...

If you love someone or something say it. Well well well… it’s not that simple. I fell in love and fell out of love then fell again. Lesson I learnt from all the falling in and out of love is that it is easy to be in love but difficult to say it. In some cases, accepting that you are in love is also difficult and then the beautiful lines follow, “I like you but” “You make me happy but” “I’m so free when I’m with you but” So the whole problem is BUT I guess. However, the best feeling in the world still remains the same not even when you are loved by someone. Just being in love does the trick. Everything is wonderful when you are in Love. So my suggestion “Be in love and love will follow you” Feel free to love someone or something. It is the best drug in the whole wide small little world.Plus love never goes out of fashion. 
“Get up and feel, the feeling of being in love”