Choice is yours n only yours

You can’t choose your situation but you can choose your reaction n I have chosen to be happy…

Flowers look lovely even when plucked

Flowers kept indoors still blossom till the time they can…I find it quite inspiring

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I wish I was yours Yours to keep…

I wish I were yours,

Yours to keep.

Yours to be forever.

As I look for my lobster,

I come across only prawns.

I wish I were yours,

Yours to be forever.

People fall in love all the time

I do not belong to those people.

If I was to love, who was to love me?

If I was to be with someone, who was to be with me?

If god made people in pairs.

Then where is mine.

If love happens only in movies.

Then how does art imitate reality.

If art was to imitate reality.

Where is my reality?





Trivandrum Black Ganesha Ganpati Temple Aarti

This is one spot that I never miss whenever I’m in Trivandrum This temple sits on a busy street of a market and bus station(from there you can catch a direct bus to Kovallum Beach and various other parts of the city) Black Ganesha or Ganapati is very helpful and prayers in this temple never go unheard Next time do stop by

Advise- Men have to wear a mundu (lungi) and be bare chest for darshan from inside the temple on the other hand women are free to wear anything

God Bless in the meanwhile

“Green Ganesha The best Ganesha”

                       So with Ganpati festival round the corner….what’s the plan guys…do make sure to talk and introduce people on creating a clean n green ganpati…no artificial chemicals and stuff that pollutes the place later God would never want that right…Talking about it is half the solution… So go ahead and do so…
                       We have this idol for the past 35 years and every Ganapati festival we get it down from the window frame where it sits proudly the whole year Do puja, sing hymns (Indian aarti’s) celebrate around him, decorate with flowers and anything simple yet elegant… the painting between the statue is made by me and adds all that we need with richness and love for the “Elephant God”

                             On the last day of the festive season place it back with full respect and honor That is our idea of celebrating the festival it has been a practice which my mom dad would like to pass on to generations making it a family bonding for the same…
                              Which is why I would like you guys to adopt the best eco-friendly way of celebrating not only ganapati festival but also any other festival remember we do these things to keep our culture alive and not kill the environment around…So ahead and do leave a comment if you are green Ganesha story and how it makes a difference in everyones life…


                          Above is the Ganapati Temple I visited in Bangkok, Thailand. It is so beautiful and the incense sticks ( 20 Bahts for 6-8) you get around the temple simply adds to the whole aura around…Spotted many local people there all praying with their hands folded and holding candles and incense sticks It is a must visit (specially for all the Indians going to Thailand) This temple sits opposite BIG C the shopping mall and in front of Istan  shopping mall, located in the heart of Pratunam which has awesome food and shopping pleasure wherever you see. However, don’t forget to get blessings of the Elephant God. 

Aircraft window…

When you look out of the aircraft window, everything looks so peaceful and calm (thank air travel for the same). Weather it is the green field or the buildings or the hills or simply the sea. It is worth looking at. Everything is so quite and in harmony with each other just like a perfect painting. Why can’t it be the same after we land. All you can see and feel is pollution, poverty and crime. I want the earth to be a clean and normal place that God gifted us but I guess it’s too late in the day to ask for that. However, it’s not impossible. Each one of us can try and be nice to the things that can’t speak and Be the voice of earth… and you’ll not only see but breathe the difference…