Run, Running, Ran…

Running 2014

        The year that was and will always remain special to me. In the beginning I was a little lost trying to hold on to my ability to manage flights and running soon enough got on to it. From early mornings to super early mornings to night to mid night to flat roads to uneven roads to vertical climbs to hot and cold and rainy days. I braved it all and just ran. 
           From Mumbai to Pune to Pondicherry to Chennai, tried covering all my favorite places. Mid year involved my whole family into running and often spoke endlessly to motivate not only family but friends too. Gave back to the running community by getting my women friends run the women special marathon (Pinkathon) at end of this year.
           I loved the amazing journey and the fact, I inspired non runners to get up and look at running as not only a sport but a way to fitness at doorstep. Happy Running people Stay Fit Stay Blessed…

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“The Inner Voice”

If you be honest, they will prove you wrong…
If you stand up for yourself, they will ignore you…
If you act as a victim, they will be happy and be with you…
Once they know they have crushed your spirit then they are done with you…

So the best thing to do is just come up with a plan that suites you the best and not what suites people around you. As you have to deal with whatever happens in your life Alone. Yes your family n friends are out there in support of you but it is you who have to deal with the demons inside you. The voice that talks to you and tells you off even if you do not want to hear it. Often we meet people who tell us what we want to hear and we are happy but the voice inside us always knows and tells us off. 
Be with that voice, it knows the best for us. 

The inner voice is like a vase, it keeps taking whatever you put inside and returning only the best. 
(on my travel to Singapore I came across this Vase on Orchard Road and that’s how this blog came to me as a voice from within)


Remember always “Do what suites you the best and leave the rest to the inner voice”



Moon for Stars…Stars for whom???



When I look at the moon,

It looks bright.

It shines all night.

It gives light.

I can see so many stars around it.

All of them shining,

All of them bright,

All of them around it all night,

However, none of them with it.

The moon shines and goes by

The stars take all the brightness.

Just like that, the moon comes back.

Shining, smiling and giving light,

Stars never shine without the moon

Still they do not stay always with the moon.

This is life you give and give

People around you take and only take.

You may go and never come back

Until just like the moon shines for the stars to shine…

“Hurt by a Emotional Person”

“Getting emotional and Getting hurt are two different things…Decide which one suites u best”

Most of the time we as people forget to respect each others feelings. Where in one decides to be emotional about the whole thing and other decides to be hurt. Well you as a person need to think and react accordingly not over-reacting is the catch here.
People often do things unknowingly, and claim to know what they did as a reflex to being cool. As being popular, accepted and liked, is the only motto.
Then, what about the people who really like you and just want to be liked back by you or simply be acknowledged by you. Do they become demanding? And at the same time pleasing superficial people becomes more and more important by the day.
Get up and smell the coffee not because you need to but because you have to.
The only option is the only way out. So, get up and Love the ones who love you, Like the ones who like you. Don’t keep them waiting because the moment they do the same You will be left Hurt by a Emotional person.
Happy New Year to all the lovely people who motivate me to Blog better…Love you all…

Lovelife and more…

Lovelife and more...

If you love someone or something say it. Well well well… it’s not that simple. I fell in love and fell out of love then fell again. Lesson I learnt from all the falling in and out of love is that it is easy to be in love but difficult to say it. In some cases, accepting that you are in love is also difficult and then the beautiful lines follow, “I like you but” “You make me happy but” “I’m so free when I’m with you but” So the whole problem is BUT I guess. However, the best feeling in the world still remains the same not even when you are loved by someone. Just being in love does the trick. Everything is wonderful when you are in Love. So my suggestion “Be in love and love will follow you” Feel free to love someone or something. It is the best drug in the whole wide small little world.Plus love never goes out of fashion. 
“Get up and feel, the feeling of being in love”