Creating Monster Runners

A few years back I had heard from people the passion and love for running. The charity which running could generate and the awareness running could create for a cause. There are causes like situations always around. At times, when it was difficult to talk about Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer there were events where…

Sharjah a worthwhile neighbour of Dubai

This view is from the Holiday Inn, Sharjah it left me with awesomeness as I loved the view It was one of those mornings when you get up and feeling under the weather and you just need a hot Starbucks Coffee to feel better and happier When suddenly you next out of the room and…

China Town, Singapore

This is one of the most beautiful structures I saw lately. Picture Perfect and this image didn’t leave my mind for a long time.

Incredible India

This is one of the most beautiful places I visited in India. Athirappilly, set in the southern India, Kochi (Cochin). Just looking at it relaxes your mind, body and touches the soul. Just 2 n Half hrs by road. Getting around is not a problem as people do speak English and are very welcoming too….