Moon for Stars…Stars for whom???



When I look at the moon,

It looks bright.

It shines all night.

It gives light.

I can see so many stars around it.

All of them shining,

All of them bright,

All of them around it all night,

However, none of them with it.

The moon shines and goes by

The stars take all the brightness.

Just like that, the moon comes back.

Shining, smiling and giving light,

Stars never shine without the moon

Still they do not stay always with the moon.

This is life you give and give

People around you take and only take.

You may go and never come back

Until just like the moon shines for the stars to shine…

“Most of the fr…

“Most of the friends are 4am friends when they are drunk… and they are just friends when they are sober”

                                           Its exciting to see people excited about friendship day celebrations n jazz….but how many of them can be called at 4am later in life…well thats a bit exciting too, isn’t it? in the meanwhile Happy Friendship Day…is a understatement for sure…sounds like poetry for sure…Cheers…

I saw an angel….Yes I did….

I wrote this on 22 January 2009… and this one is for real…


Through my window I saw an angel,

She had  no wings,

She had no magic stick,

She was not wearing that little dress…

She was an angel…

Yes! I believe…

As she was a stranger,

But she smiled back at me…

Sometimes you wait for life to happen,

and when it does happen you don’t realise anything…

But she smiled back at me.

Yes, through the window I saw an angel…

Yes! I believe…



Dreamy Eyes for Dreamy Love….

I wrote this on 28 April 2007… for the girl of my dreams, which is still in my dreams….


From my window in my bedroom,

From a corner in my heart,

There was a hope

A hope to see you one day,

That hope was dying,

As I was dying with it.

I wanted my birds to fly,

But they were the ones who,

Refused to say Good-bye.

Later, I discovered they did not know to fly.

And that is how the hope to see you again came by,

Because my heart was still beating,

Which meant I was still alive

May be today or tomorrow

This month or next year.

I would see you

The girl of my dreams

I will read this to you

In addition, see you smile and blush at the same time

Wow! What a wonderful sight would that be

I am waiting and will keeping waiting…..

For the girl of my dreams….