July Tarot Readings 2013

With the blessings for Lord Shiva and all the holy spirits….I proudly present the Tarot readings for the month of July 2013…I hope it will help you all for sure…


Aries—There is a lot in stored for you this month. There will be action, development and more.  You will be sensual and creative. Accepting something new and working towards it will come naturally to you this month. Remember one thing be rational and follow your instincts. Do not go by what others have to say. Be yourself, the strong and resourceful person that you are, it will pay off for sure.  Keyword- Compassion.

Taurus- You are a little confused off late, well do not be. This month shows you the direction however, you need to choose a path. Your craving for love will come to rest and you might come across a loved one who will give you pleasure and happiness. Worrying about the past will not get you anywhere. Move ahead and accept what is presented to you. You will not only be surrounded with friends who support you but you are in for a surprise. Keyword- Acknowledgement.

Gemini- If you were let down in the past, this is the month stand up and confront the situation. Do not hold back on any emotion, as it will only hurt you later. You will be disciplined this month. There will be a little feeling of peer pressure but do not give into it. As you will know exactly how to act or rather react and take control of the situation. Keyword- Conforming.

Cancer- You have put a lot of effort in whatever task you were given and this is the month to sit back and enjoy the rewards for the same. You have trusted in the situation and fared well. You are ready to turn over a new leaf in your life. If you were heartbroken, this is the time to start afresh. You will have not only psychological but also spiritual growth too. Keyword- Realism.

Leo- You love your family and friends and they will surely make you happy this month. There is inner peace and joy that you will experience. The world around you will give you a feeling of oneness and ease. There is an emotional fulfillment that you get this month and it helps you to be more open minded and caring. You have completed one cycle of your life and ready for a new one. Keyword- Harmony.

Virgo- You have to relax and be less impulse this month.  As you are ready to leap into anything new be careful of not hurting anyone. You feel optimist in whatever you do. A great month to start something you wanted to do for a long time. Feeling spontaneous and carefree will make you adventurous. However giving a commitment will be an issue. Feel free to experiment and explore the world around. Keyword- Childlike.

Libra- You have wished for something to happen for a long time. This is the month when your wish fulfills. Emotionally will are going to get satisfaction. You are ready to smell the flowers around and taking a break can be a good option. Sometimes simple things in life can be fun too. You are surely blessed and rejoicing the same will be a natural feeling. Just be cautious and do not step on the wrong side of fence. Keyword- Pleasure.

Scorpio- This you are bond to feel different and inventive in everything you do. This month widening your horizons will be lucrative and get pleasure. Stand aside and show them what you have. Create a mark for yourself and others will see it too. You courage will take you to a different level altogether. So do not turn and look at the past, as it is finished. Keyword- Achievement.

Sagittarius- You more realistic than ever. However, you need to put more effort in order to achieve the task you have undertaken. Showing passion and being passionate are two different things and understanding that will surely help you. Your dedication will take you places for sure but be ready for change and feel the change too. Be cautious but not afraid to take a chance.  Life is fair to who are fair with life, think. Keyword- Responsible.

Capricorn- You are going to start a new journey for sure. There is a sense of vocation, as the month will progress. Go with the flow but do not be flown away. You are in charge of you inventions and you will know doing what is going to result as what. There are clues all around you but picking up those clues and making the most out of them is up to you. Keyword- Foresight.

Aquarius- You are going to be presented with too much to choose from. A feel of being disorganized may erupt naturally. Be certain while performing a task as over confidence might land to into trouble. By the mid month, you might feel lazy and relaxed, delaying the completion of a task. You have to lower your exceptions a little in order to enjoy life.  Looking into every detail before someone, takes you for a ride. Keyword- Self-Indulgence.

Pisces- There is a possible reunion on cards. Meeting an old friend will get all your memories back. Your innocence will make you playful this month. You are going to share good will and positivity around. You will be left nostalgic this month and will experience happiness and a child-like fun surrounding you. Putting the past behind and feeling fulfilled and blessed are the order of the month for you. Keyword- Playfulness. 

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“June Tarot Readings 2013”

Aries- This is a good month to make a few choices. However, stop living in false hope and think about what you need and what you want. Opportunities will knock on your door but be sure before you answer. A friend might help you take an important decision that will influence you in many ways. Be open you to advice and go along the flow. Word to remember – Choice.  

Taurus- Too much thinking is holding you back. You are surrounded with people who love to manipulate so be careful. There has been a lot of emotional baggage which you carry around, leave it behind. Go ahead as right now you are walking a tightrope. You do not mean ill at the same time you are carried away most of the times. On the other hand, stop being a martyr. Word to remember- Patience.

Gemini- You love experimenting and that keeps you entertained.  You will visit your loved ones this month and extend your support. Just clear all the gloomy thoughts that make it impossible for you to focus. Peace and calmness is something that everyone wants and you will get it this month. Go out there and make that trip you always wanted to, your journey would teach you many things.  Word to remember-Recuperation.

Cancer- You are to begin something new and interesting facts are going to unfold. Be open to ideas and keep an eye on details that will help for sure. Gambling is bad but you will have an unexpected monetary gain. Surprise yourself and fall in love again. Taking a short road trip will help you realize many things. Finding answers will help you towards getting solutions. Word to remember – Improvement. 

Leo- You are loved by everyone. This month will make you enjoy better social life. Outings, dinner, parties and more. However, keep a reality check on your expenditures and do not get over board with excitement. Carelessness and sentimental attitudes might set in.  You might neglect your partner. In the meanwhile, enjoy the popularity and happiness. Word to remember- Pleasure. 

Virgo- You have being taking many responsibilities lately. Relax a bit smell the flowers. The best part is you finish the entire task and on time mostly. Importantly feel blessed and keep anxiety at bay. Many a times, your hidden enemies have a way to take advantage of you. Being smart comes naturally to you this month. Let go of some obligations. Word to remember – Hard-working.

Libra- You feel safe and secure. Your eye for detail will make you outgrow many hurdles. A sense of freedom, from old and self-enforced rules. Feel free to explore and go all out and make some travel plans. There might be a sudden change that will make you a stronger person. You might surprise yourself in a pleasant way for sure. Word to remember – Freedom.  

cs-18moonScorpio- If you were wondering, contemplating and wanting. Then this is the right month.  You might start something new. Something that you always wanted to. A new venture or a relationship is indicated. Your desire for change might control your emotions but do not give in, just focus. Therefore, start that enterprise and await results. Looking for support is okay but do not depend on it. Word to remember – Beginnings.

Sagittarius- You experienced many obstacles lately. This month shows you the way and cuts all those negative thoughts. Remove time for you and you will see the difference you always wanted to see. You show courage and intellect because of that nothing stands in your way to success. Just keep marching ahead in life, as this is your time.  Also, be aware of mental stress. Word to remember – Force.  

Capricorn- You have finished something that makes you satisfied and relaxed. The world is your playground and you are sure to enjoy the moment. One cycle has ended and you are ready for another one. Triumph is yours and hurdles are left behind. Do not feel insecure as stars are on your side, your hard work is paying off. Word to remember – Completion.  

Aquarius- You are in your comfort zone.  You feel relaxed and you love it. Make a trip to spa and indulge yourself. Your hard work has paid off and this is the month to rip the benefits for the same. Go ahead and travel meet people collect experiences, share stories and show your artistic side to the world around you. You are a natural administrator this month. Word to remember – Comfort.

Pisces- You planned, worked and gave your best. This month all your work pays you back. Any venture you give your heart to this month will get you good results. Being bold does not come naturally to you but you will give it a shot and emerge successful. Your goals have no limit and sometimes it becomes a problem for you. Do not live in fear for the future, as everything will work fine. Word to remember – Victory.

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Tarot Readings for May


You are in to enjoy domestic bliss. Loads of entertainment and celebrations in-stored.  Remember to enjoy. Women planning motherhood will be happy. This month your best efforts are going to pay off. It may be that month of the year but for you, it is surely springtime. For a strong-headed person like you, this month might be perfect to calm down. Word of the month “Reassurance”.


You will get to know someone who day dreams and thinks badly about you.  However, you are in to surprise the person with your charm and wit. Leave your stubbornness behind when dealing with important issues and victory is yours to keep. This month also marks a new affection for you. You will be at your artistic best. Word of the month, “Insightful”.


If you wanted to start afresh this is the best time to do so. As this month will show you the path, you always were looking for. Nevertheless, do not let your greed make you do things that prove to be wrong later. Do not get into too much speculation it will not help. You will fun stability and financial improvement for sure.  Word of the month- “Foundation”. 


Over the years or in recent times, you have achieved quite a few things and you will hold on to it this month. As a rival might pose a threat to you. Monetary gains are possible this month. Remember you are your best friend before dealing with anyone. However, you will find yourself in a happy place by the end of it. Word of the month,” Possessions”.


You feel a sense of freedom this month. Breaking old rules for new and better ones. You will experience a sudden change but a joyful one. By the end of this month, you will be a stronger and better person. Your rebellious attitude will shock people around you but leave you as a changed person. Word of the month, “Inevitable”.


You have lately felt a lot of pain that will fade away by the end of this month.  Remember your difficult circumstances will leave you too. You are in to gain more than you lost. You will look into other directions for happiness and get it too. It is a reinvention time. Word of the month, “Beginnings”.


Everything is changing around and at a speed that will surprise you. This month shows you a new turn. Maybe it is something you waited for quite some time now. Things are going to be different from what you expected. It is your time and rejoice every moment of the journey. You are without rules inside your head and that is the best part. Word of the month, “Twist”.


You are your best company and you know that. This month will keep you busy with a lots happening around you. You are ready for more than one job. Your skills will be at full swing this month and you will enjoy the art of juggling to the core. However, keep an eye of your cash as you might indulge yourself a lot. Word of the month, “Multitasking”.


You love challenges and you love to challenge. Well this month keeps you busy, as you need to prove yourself. Your competitors will keep you at on your toes.  Avoid misunderstandings, as they will not lead you anywhere. Keep a watch on legal matters. A good month to hold negotiations pertaining to business. Word of the month, “Adrenaline”.


Well you are not the one to get bored easily however, this month you might. Little indulgence is okay but you may go overboard with it. So be careful. You have reached, a happy stable place nevertheless, you want excitement now. Look for it in the right places or you stand to hurt yourself. New activity, friends and interest will provide the spark you want. Word of the month, “Indulgence”.


Looks like the best month for you. You will enjoy good health and love around you. All you hard work and hopes will fulfill this month but remember to be a little observant. As you get restless to soon, over doing something might not help. Count your blessings and redeem them too. It is your time of the year. Word of the month, “Fulfillment”.


You trust people quite often, which you should not. You have put in a lot of hardship in the past and it is the time to see results. You will know this month that your real supporters are. You will experience a sudden change in attitude towards finances is required. You will enjoy your Me Time to the fullest. Word of the month, “Opportunities”. 

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April Tarot Readings


Love is in the air. People looking for someone will find that special person and people who are already in love will renew their relationship. It is a very good month to take a step ahead with whatever was keeping you from doing so. You will be at your artistic excellence this month. You should embark into a new direction and it will lead you to a destination, you always wanted to reach.  The keywords to remember this month are “Happy Times”.


You success and achievements gained you many enemies but now is the time to overcome them all. You are more than ready for a fair fight and triumph over people who love to hate you. However, keep one this in mind, you will recover out of simply anything. Keep the strength going. Take up an odd job or hobby, challenge yourself. You have fears within you like any other human being but do not give into them. Change what you do not like. The keywords to remember this month are “Rapid Improvement”.


Were you looking for harmony in you partnership with a close associate, well you got it. This month seems to be very peaceful and you feel blessed. You will fulfill your wishes, as you would have the power of imagination in your control. There are questions you seek answers for and those answers are around you. Believe and control the volatile factors and the result would surprise you. The keywords to remember this month are “Adaptability for Success”.






If you are looking for someone special this month, you stand a fair chance. Your wit and intelligence will not only impress people around you but you will also love being yourself. You might get some news or gossip, which will spice things up. Maybe a new contact will catch your eye and interest. You will be eager and fast to learn new things and adept at turning situations in your favor. However, do not underestimate the person you are dealing with. The keywords to remember this month are “Eloquent and Sharp”.


You are all set for a lot of planning. The task that needed your attention would get the same this month. You need to be patient and calm down a bit. Something that was long over-due will reach a fruitful result. You need to put in a lot of hard work and you would not shy away from doing the same. At the same time do not be discouraged with things do not go your way. Efforts will be rewarded for sure but be composed. The keywords to remember this month, “Forward Planning”.


You are a true achiever and you will not leave anything to chance. You will be more responsible this month and feel a breath of fresh air.  Do not let any dull thoughts influence you. Just let your imagination take a flight of its own. You might feel and get bored easily but that is not the end of the road. You can be well trusted this month, as many people would look up to you. The keywords to remember this month, “Trustworthy and Steadfast”.


You will meet someone very energetic and generous. It can be a long lost friend or someone new, who fills in the blank this month for you. If you were planning to relocate or shift your house this is the time for doing so. However, be aware of jealous people around you who put in negative energy and influence you otherwise. You might also indulge into an argument with an aggressive person, which leaves you no-where. The keywords to remember this month, “Change and Desire”.



You feel strong, healthy, and active this month. As you always wanted to experiment this is your time to do so. You will be advising your close friends and family on many fronts, that even you did not know about. Chances of you being athletic are more as your life is ever hectic than before. You are a true businessperson with a sense of fashion and fast adapting to the ever-changing world around you. You romantic passion would be on display too. The keywords to remember this month, “Passion and Generosity”.


You would feel low and rejected this month but keep one thing in mind the only way from there is the way up. Do not think of the past that is gone already, focus and change your present and the future that awaits you. There will be many improvements and developments both home as well as the work front. Be aware as a close one might betray you. Ultimately, it is a beautiful world and you know it. The keywords to remember this month,” Focus and Stay positive”.


You need to take it easy. Relax and brush off the burdens a bet. It is okay to accept you are stressed. You are given heavy task and responsibilities and you come out as a winner but do not ignore your health. Sometimes, you are carrying the cross on behalf of others too. You love working as a professional but do remove time for yourself to unwind too. Watch out for the hidden enemies who are taking advantage of you. The keywords to remember this month,” hard-working and Obligations”.


You have finished what you ones started and it is time to have fun now. This month shows an end of a cycle and start of another one. You delayed work has neared completion but be careful of not developing an insecurity. As you, fight a battle with yourself. Do not ignore a loved one or a relationship that awaits you. The rewards of labour and hard work are paying you off now. Dance or sing if you feel like, as this is your moment. The keywords to remember this month, “Success and Completion”.




You save for future and this is exactly what you will do this month. Show responsibility and be realistic too. You are on the path to get what you want however; your shrewd nature is the problem here. You will display no anger towards people who irritate you the most and that in turn will irritate them. You will unnerve people around with your unpretentious nature. Be care to not fall into bad company. The keywords to remember this month,” Unpretentious and Practical”.

 As also featured in Travel Glance mag