38 Degree East, Lounge Bar/Pub, Powai, Mumbai 

One stop for awesomeness if looked for, it has to be 38 Degree East in Powai. The ambiance takes you to a different world altogether which is a mix of Iranian, Mexican and Italian cuisines/cultures in short. Enjoyed every moment there. I was invited as a Food Blogger and they really know how to give you a good time. Right from food to drinks, perfection is the word. Every staff serving the delicious dishes exactly know what they are serving. It’s with such style and enthusiasm that the customers are looked after.
With some amazing drinks served with amazing presentation. The show stopper for me was Torafuku which tasted a lot like pina colada, the twist to it was banana flavour along with a small banana and cherry as garnishes to look great with. Then the Cranberry Delight which was a delightful sight in itself as it was served in a two faced glass with fumes coming out of it.
Berry Wine Popsicles was another cocktail that too caught my attention. It is actually served with a popsicle waiting to melt its way into the wine.
Pauva looked refreshing and like a rockstar sits infornt of you, wanting you to grab it and drink it.
In the Appetizers they didn’t fall short with Vegetarian choices Singapore Spindles and Wanton Nachos, they’re full of cheese and melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more.
Pawns Wantons Cup was the star in the non vegetarian department and Jhinga Pakoda. Which you can not just have one.
I was excited to see Sushi fly, its way on my table. Yes I say that as it’s severed on a aeroplane which actually moves.
Lamb burger parked on table as it’s inside a school bus whose roof has to be opened to grab one.
The main course was simply the best with Veg Thai Curry (red) and 7 Jewel Rice. I personally loved Nasi Goreng to settle for one.
Love love love for me was Pisang Goreng and Fruit Filled Baked Wantons with Vanilla Ice Cream.
In short if you are looking for a meal and want to drink your heart out this is the place for you.
They are unapologetic about the drinks they spoil you with. Specially the price tag goes easy on your wallet and you will surely drink more than you planned to settle for.
The decoration (interiors) are mindblowingly fresh and the roof top transports you into another enchanting world.
So guys and girls get ready for fun experince along with some great food.
38 Degree East is the place for you.

Tea Trails at its best 

​Today was invited to review differnet types of tea and What an experince  worth beating the Mumbai rains and reaching the venture 

 Well it was an awesome exp to see all the different types of tea been made and served in front of us Loved it The ambiance is good and cozy If you go there don’t leave without having Burmese Salad (it’s to die for) 

Oolong Tea is my faviorte as its soft and silk textured and goes down effortlessly leaving for you to want more 

Bun Maska is delecious and leaves you wanting for more 

Marbled Egg Salad is infused coddled eggs nestled in garden greens in garlic hinted dressing again a surprise show stopper 

Smoked Sandwich along with Smokey Chinese Lapsang Souchong tea is simply the best

Kashmiri Kahwa exotic blend of green tea, almonds and spices Traditional to the core 

Lastly don’t leave without having their Kullad Chai along with fresh Pakodas perfect for the season 

My Verdit— it’s awesomeness reloaded the It place not only for tea lovers but everyone A must visit 

Timeout with Imam…MTv India…

                                   Well for people who did not get enough of Imam in Big Boss house. MTv came up with a great idea of having an extension of Big Boss house. Calling other contestants and having closures and stuff like that. All this sounds for a perfect madness and over the top behavior. Therefore, Imam can be termed as the Indian Television’s reality star. Well do we need the overdose of this kind of entertainment only the popularity of the show can tell in the near future. We can only accept more such things. To have the show running Imam has to understand he would have to do better than tricks like standing on the table, wearing clothes that one would wear only for Halloween, sitting on everyone’s lap and talking non-stop. He has a great command on language but acting, bollywood is out of his league, and he should understand that. Maybe, focus should be on fashion and styling. They are his forte for sure. All the other people on his show appear completely fake and wannabe types. Does not add any value as such. It looks like they are all trying hard to be in the place they are right now. Imam has to understand he can do better than this or else he will end up like Dolly Brinda. In fact, MTv should have put all the controversial characters from the Big Boss season together in one show, rather than having a show like that because it looks fake, period.  

                              Image Writing about it is giving free publicity to the show but what the heck. Get up people watch it, if you are stuck indoors on a super rainy day and have nothing to watch on TV and your house help is on leave. This show will surely motivate you to do housework and cleaning the toilets in anger will not only help keep the toilet clean but also remove some of your frustration. He knows what it takes but what he does not know is how long anyone will take it. Anyway he can dance his way to the bank (hope his CA is smart enough to have his money correctly invested). This is a loser’s paradise and it does show anyone can survive in Mumbai who has what it takes. There is a market for everyone and nowadays customers do not choose the product but the product chooses the customer. Which is why Imam can choose his audiences? Give what they want and it is not for all. Therefore, should I say Imam is the LV of Indian reality television? Selective customers and market (available freely in this case). However, whatever you do you cannot ignore him. It is like a runaway patient from the mental asylum on the loose, who would entertain you to the core to remain free in this world. Often we use a phase and say “Pun intended” and Imam is that “Intended” in the “Pun” missing from his tasteless life. So, let us see how long this Intended entertainment will go on. Weather it will be just a wasted time slot or there will be some real value for our time and energy. Next step for him is to be a judge on another reality show or become an image consultant and give makeovers to all the wannabes. Better show for him would have been a show like Project Runway (Indian version) or India’s Next Super Model. Well for whatever his worth I do wish him luck and hope he does not run out of idea’s and say at the end of his show “SMS me if you think I should do this or that and all that  jazz” because that will make him a wannabe all over again. So pull up your socks if you wear any. Cheers…

Verdict- Watch it if you are stuck indoors due to floods or have an insane friend and watching Imam makes you feel better and appreciate small things in life. Ignore if you have a Life… 

Best of Cannes, Day 1 n 4, The exotic Indian dancers shine n How…

They say save the best for last and that’s exactly what Sandip Soparrkar did… He wrote a black Sherwani (Indian attire) completing his look was Jesse Randhawa his better half looking elegant like always. They did make a cut and not to forget Sandip’s tilak on the forehead (again an Indian look) which was quite a head turner…setting him apart from the rest n the foreign media loved it… Way to go guys… Looking forward for more of you guys on the red carpet…Kudos for the turnout…

Best of Cannes Day 2 n 3, The exotic dancers from India

Best of Cannes Day 2 n 3, The exotic dancers from India

The exotic dancers from India shine at the Red Carpet, Cannes. Sandip Soparrkar along with his better half Jesse Randhawa burn the dance floor and How… check him out at http://www.sandipsoparrkar.com and you would know…. But the best part was they got it right on the red carpet. Unlike some of the other bollywood celeb’s…putting the talented India on the global map… (smiles with satisfaction) More power….to the shining India… Cheers….