“Retail Therapy a Real Therapy”


    She is 24 (remember you are or once were 24 too the dreams you saw and feelings you got are no different) and hasn’t seen life yet… Together we can and we should make a difference. Life takes a full turn just when something happens out of the blue but there are times when things are not in our control. We have to support and stand by the chosen ones. They are gods children and our inspiration in one way or the other. Yuvraj Singh a ace cricketer came ahead to launch these slick bags along with You we can foundation. Its not only our good will but our responsibility to come ahead and do our bit. Its an ocean of people suffering quietly and helplessly out there.
On the other hand there are thankless people who just find faults and flaws in life. Now its your chance to be on the side you want to be.
Be a motivator Be a person you want to see.
Therefore, I have decided to tell the world about these causes and the efforts people put to put all this together.
Often we think why this happens or that happens but now is the time to just do and not look for answers which are meaningless. Try and get life to people as people are suppose to live a happy life. We as human race are not born to die meaningless or lead a worthless life. Do small things and do little things it’s more than enough. If everyone eats only tomato’s there would not be any tomato’s left. We all need each other and we all need you. Be the you in someone’s life.
There’s so much to do and there’s so little we can do.
Come and be the cause to push the Noble cause ahead.
Log on to http://www.bagforever.com today….

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He Actually Kept It Simple…..



I have being following Jamie Oliver’s cooking for the longest time now… I love it when made Rice with practically everything from the fridge not to forget the Seafood rice… I have made in more than once and loved it every time I made it…. even my friends have enjoyed every bit of the seafood rice…Simple yet awesome to taste… I came across his products while I was walking around in one of the biggest grocery stores in Singapore 

I came across his lovely products in The Gourmet Store, Ion Mall… at the basement when you climb down the longest escalator… it was not only this yellow container of Lemon Herb Crust, which adds a zesty crunch to chicken and fish but also the black pepper bottle which I couldn’t resist looking at plus it said Black Pepper from India…well we Indian do love our pepper for sure… He has time and again proved he is the best and I simply love his simplicity in food… doesn’t make a big deal about anything at all…


That is why his tag line is “Keep it Simple” 

however, I would say, “He Actually Kept it Simple”…

Hussle Bussle at Nairobi City, Kenya

The moment I landed at the airport in Kenya I knew I was to fall in love with the place. The rich culture and beautifully helpful people make it worth a visit. Specially the town area is great to look at. with people walking around everywhere (wanting to reach somewhere) Everyone busy in themselves but would still remove time to smile back if you smiled at them The place is good for shopping and street food too.
Hussle Bussle is a proper name for the video of my love… Do make it a point to visit Nairobi the next time you make a plan to visit Africa and how can I forget Masai Mara which is just round the corner from Nairobi…Have fun people…

Singapore Escalators n more…

This is a beautiful dome shaped roof that sits next to Orchard road in Singapore Exotic I must add. It is next to Coffee Club and connects you to Ion Food Mall and right to various parts of Orchard road. There are shops inside as well as food paradise. So if you are tired of shopping (not for women) then back and enjoy some delicious food along with a Pint of beer. This underpass also takes you to Daiso, where everything is priced at $2 SD awesome stuff and very innovative I must add. Shopping, food and entertainment all will be taken care of once you enter inside.
Verdict- Good to look at underpass and connects you quickly to wherever you want to go. Just be careful enough to read the signs as you walk by. (can be confusing LOL)

Window Shopping for soul…

While walking on Orchard Road in Singapore I came across a beautiful shopping window…with soul and so much life…it was simply the best I saw in a long time…realistic and natural too…Do catch it the next time you travel to Singapore…and leave a comment Tell me how it was….(it’s a stone throw away from Four Seasons Hotel Plus the local food court will keep you occupied too) Don’t forget to have fun…