Paradise For Foodies 

Well this is one place which I can never forget Right from the first time I set my foot in Singapore I was introduced to Newton Food Centre (Newton Circus earlier)

    It has some really good seafood at your disposal First take a walk around the whole place and see and digest the fact that there’s so much to eat and there’s so little we know (Well not all but just saying) I was taken by surprise there are live crabs looking at you to have them (I guess) 

A table with a picture of Himalaya products specially made for Singapore locals and the tourist as well pasted on it welcome me It was a little treat to see it and quite interesting not to click a picture with it Colorful and Adventurous to the core 

We started out eating adventure with the very lovely Baby Kailan Stir Fry it’s something I can swear by and it’s love love love kind of a feeling with the very first sight of it You have to grab a bite to believe it. 

Followed with some mysterious looking Bloody Cockles some people love it and some can’t stand the smell of it One has to develop a taste for it or else they are just rubber like and chewy My take on it avoid it if you are the safe eater and if you not then go for it You will love it for sure.

Next came String Ray BBQ well the sauce on it was to die for and the fish is so nice it feels like it gives it’s flesh too easily to you to hog on it Simple and tasteful to the core I loved it for sure 

We did try our hands on Prawn  Fired Rice that we ordered for our low of adventure friend who was in for a shock with every dish we ordered This one was for him  but to his bad luck it was very plain and tasteless I would like to add I still loved it pawns which were well cooked, juicy and soft

The star of the night for me was Oyster Omlette very common in Taiwan and places in love to eggs and oyster. It’s wonderful and easy on your palate to eat We have a repeat of the same As one wasn’t enough (for the bukhads that we are) 

So the next time you are in Singapore and hungry for some serious seafood (you get chicken as well) head straight to Newton Food Centre don’t look left and right as that’s the place to be LIKE it’s said When in Rome be like the Romans….When in Singapore eat like a Singaporean and keep me posted if you liked what you eat at Newton Food Centre 

“The Inner Voice”

If you be honest, they will prove you wrong…
If you stand up for yourself, they will ignore you…
If you act as a victim, they will be happy and be with you…
Once they know they have crushed your spirit then they are done with you…

So the best thing to do is just come up with a plan that suites you the best and not what suites people around you. As you have to deal with whatever happens in your life Alone. Yes your family n friends are out there in support of you but it is you who have to deal with the demons inside you. The voice that talks to you and tells you off even if you do not want to hear it. Often we meet people who tell us what we want to hear and we are happy but the voice inside us always knows and tells us off. 
Be with that voice, it knows the best for us. 

The inner voice is like a vase, it keeps taking whatever you put inside and returning only the best. 
(on my travel to Singapore I came across this Vase on Orchard Road and that’s how this blog came to me as a voice from within)


Remember always “Do what suites you the best and leave the rest to the inner voice”



He Actually Kept It Simple…..



I have being following Jamie Oliver’s cooking for the longest time now… I love it when made Rice with practically everything from the fridge not to forget the Seafood rice… I have made in more than once and loved it every time I made it…. even my friends have enjoyed every bit of the seafood rice…Simple yet awesome to taste… I came across his products while I was walking around in one of the biggest grocery stores in Singapore 

I came across his lovely products in The Gourmet Store, Ion Mall… at the basement when you climb down the longest escalator… it was not only this yellow container of Lemon Herb Crust, which adds a zesty crunch to chicken and fish but also the black pepper bottle which I couldn’t resist looking at plus it said Black Pepper from India…well we Indian do love our pepper for sure… He has time and again proved he is the best and I simply love his simplicity in food… doesn’t make a big deal about anything at all…


That is why his tag line is “Keep it Simple” 

however, I would say, “He Actually Kept it Simple”…

Singapore Escalators n more…

This is a beautiful dome shaped roof that sits next to Orchard road in Singapore Exotic I must add. It is next to Coffee Club and connects you to Ion Food Mall and right to various parts of Orchard road. There are shops inside as well as food paradise. So if you are tired of shopping (not for women) then back and enjoy some delicious food along with a Pint of beer. This underpass also takes you to Daiso, where everything is priced at $2 SD awesome stuff and very innovative I must add. Shopping, food and entertainment all will be taken care of once you enter inside.
Verdict- Good to look at underpass and connects you quickly to wherever you want to go. Just be careful enough to read the signs as you walk by. (can be confusing LOL)

Window Shopping for soul…

While walking on Orchard Road in Singapore I came across a beautiful shopping window…with soul and so much life…it was simply the best I saw in a long time…realistic and natural too…Do catch it the next time you travel to Singapore…and leave a comment Tell me how it was….(it’s a stone throw away from Four Seasons Hotel Plus the local food court will keep you occupied too) Don’t forget to have fun…

Melting heaven in mouth…

Every time you travel to a place new or old, it offers you something new. There is so much to see and discover. We just need to walk and look around us. Everything might look the same if you have been to the place before but with an open mind, there is so much to see, feel and do. Exactly, with that in mind I discovered something new on my visit to Singapore this time. Well, how many of us have a sweet tooth (everyone I guess) and often a sweet something comes with deep-fried, oily and too much sweet to handle. So what I discovered was because I ate something super spicy and while I did enjoy it to the core I also did run around looking for something sweet and I couldn’t lie I actually don’t like too much sweet I came across Tutu, a Chinese sweet. To my surprise it was steamed and completely oil free. Amazing, isn’t it? 



Tutu is made of rice flour (that’s it) and one can add anything as filling as they want (how cool is that). On offering were different flavors like chocolate, red bean, plain, peanut and coconut. Overall an awesome deal. I had coconut tutu, simply full of coconut flavors busting in my month. Making me wanting to eat more. I did try chocolate (I have a soft corner for chocolate and can eat anything and everything with chocolate in it), which was superb too. The making time of Tutu is only less than minute and steamed. Priced at $2.30 – $ 3.00 Singapore dollars for 3 pieces will surely have you wanting to try more. It is served on a small square shaped banana leaf plate. Completely organic and easy on stomach. 



Verdict- Do try it if you are watching your diet and avoiding fatty junk food. Do not try if you are not ready for something that is not as sweet as you want it to be. However, it is worth a try. So go for it.

Totally worth it….