“June Tarot Readings 2013”

Aries- This is a good month to make a few choices. However, stop living in false hope and think about what you need and what you want. Opportunities will knock on your door but be sure before you answer. A friend might help you take an important decision that will influence you in many ways….

Tarot Readings for May

Aries- You are in to enjoy domestic bliss. Loads of entertainment and celebrations in-stored.  Remember to enjoy. Women planning motherhood will be happy. This month your best efforts are going to pay off. It may be that month of the year but for you, it is surely springtime. For a strong-headed person like you, this…

Yoga for Tarot

Yoga is not only for mind, body and soul. It also gives a balance and direction in life. Whenever I have a Tarot card reading to do for my clients I surrender myself to deep breathing much before I meet my clients for the sessions. It not only helps me to focus but also connects…

Travel Glance Mag

Writing for ‘Travel Glance’ is a good experience as it gives me exposure and freedom at the same time….Plus my readers love my work, which is a great feeling for sure….

April Tarot Readings

Aries- Love is in the air. People looking for someone will find that special person and people who are already in love will renew their relationship. It is a very good month to take a step ahead with whatever was keeping you from doing so. You will be at your artistic excellence this month. You…