TLC…The channel to watch out for…(Fast Fresh n Simple)

                                   I have been watching TLC for a long time. There were many shows, which used to be aired on Discovery Channel; I guess later they launched a different Lifestyle channel by the name Travel and Living (which became TLC). TLC is very inspiring to watch especially which there is so much to learn and see from around the world. Most of the times we roam and walk around looking at things randomly.
                                    TLC offers an insight into such things, food is not only food when you see all the great chiefs making it look simple.

                                    One of them is Donna Hay. She is simply awesome I love the food she has to offer us. Her cooking takes you to a different level altogether. The simplicity and all that she shows in her cooking is outstanding. No big names in the recipe and no out of the world ingredients, just tasteful cooking.

                                      It’s super fun to watch her cook and experiment with the various types of food and cooking according to the time we have on our hands…and off you go… Fast, Fresh and Simple…for sure…


Laughable Vision Anyone…

When was the last time you told someone about your vision and forgot about it. Well, the fact is when you tell someone about a vision you have for yourself, they will never let you forget about it. It’s simple, people find it funny and they laugh at you. That is the best part believe me as I’ll tell you, Why? The moment you share your vision, they laugh at it, which means you are on the right track to success and achieving it too. People will keep asking you What happen? When it is happening? and How it would happen? and poke you, which again is a good sign. As we get busy with our routine life we tend to ignore our once set vision. Simply tell everyone and they’ll keep reminding you and you would also keep working on converting your vision into reality. So next time, people Laugh at your Vision tell yourself you are on the right track. Listen to your inner self it tells you the truth as it doesn’t fear losing you. “Go nail it”.Today is yours and no one can take it away from you….

Share your time….

The biggest charity in today’s world is giving your time to someone. We can donate many things and contribute in many ways (not disputing that) but Time is very precious. As mostly, we don’t have it for ourselves also. I use to donate things to an orphanage. One day when I visited those children I realized  all they wanted was to play with someone, talk to someone and hug someone. Things can’t hug and has no feelings. Remove time for someone today and see the difference you make in their life. They might be not needy but still would appreciate the fact. Make greeting cards, draw something and create a gift that is as original as you. The time and effort that goes into such things can’t be felt otherwise. Share your talents and multiple your blessings. So next time rather than spending time in a mall wondering what to buy, spend time with that person by being the perfect company that you would like to have…. 

Puma Urban Stampede 2013

Puma Urban Stampede 2013

I did it…. I’m proud of myself as I ran for the first time and finished the race in 41mins…which is awesome for first time (with no practice) I was really nervous but the excitement took over quickly. The crowd cheering was simply Superb…. Next year I will do even better….