Watch “Fire Paan in Ahmedabad, India” on YouTube

The famous Fire Paan (Beetal Leaves) in Ahmedabad, India there’s nothing as exciting than this. This place is quite famous for their special Fire Paan. It does make you a little nervous but the moment the guy puts the Paan in your month everything seems to be delicious and easy. Guys do try this Fire Paan prized at Rs25/- which is less than a dollar (US)

Famous Street Food Shanghai

I had a lovely time exploring and discovering Shanghai. When it comes to food it never disappoints no matter what and where in Shanghai are you. They have something to offer you. A vegetarian person will never be left hungry for sure. I came across this lovely form of street food called Satay. Its barbeque or grilled or whatever you want to call it but it’s the best. They have all type of stuff (I mean all edible)lined up in front of you to choose from. Right from Mushroom to Broccoli to Seafood to chicken. You don’t have to name it in this case you have to think about it and bang on, it’s there for you. My personal favourite is Broccoli, Brinjal, Mushroom (Oops! Do I have all vegetarian favourites, well it the best). For non vegetarians, chicken, whole fish, sausages and lots more is there. So next time you are in Shanghai please don’t be shy just walk on the streets and locate people ( mostly couples)with these amazing charcoal barbeque stations and just eat as much. As it’s real easy on wallet too.

Life inside Life…

This was one of the best installations I saw this year at Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2014 brought to us by Hindustan Times It was simple but very deep It shows every woman who gives birth to a child is creating life and if it’s a boy or a girl doesn’t matter as it is LIFE….

Sharjah a worthwhile neighbour of Dubai

This view is from the Holiday Inn, Sharjah it left me with awesomeness as I loved the view It was one of those mornings when you get up and feeling under the weather and you just need a hot Starbucks Coffee to feel better and happier When suddenly you next out of the room and look around and discover a view with a heart, a view to die for, a view worth capturing and sharing Sharjah is turning out to be the best neighbour Dubai can ever have. It has everything that you need and its only a stone throw away from Dubai. Best of shopping and sightseeing and the works. So the next time you decide to visit Dubai do keep Sharjah in mind and have all the fun that you intend to, as I’m sure it wouldn’t disappoint you and for sure wonderful people are waiting to see you there….

Squirrel Up n Close My friend now….

This was odd for me as I have been feeding birds and dogs for the longest time now Birds simply fly in from various trees sit on my window and eat and drink at anytime of the day that suites them I have always placed a water bowl for birds, as summers in India can be really harsh
One fine day there were things (food) found half eaten and vessels dislocated Everybody wondered what was happening and how was it happening We blamed rats for the same but couldn’t find any around our house It was getting a little too much, the curiosity was killing all of us and my mom made some boiled corn with turmeric powder and placed it on the dining table as it was hot and I thinking I would eat it little later Only to discover a new quest sitting and munching on the boiled corn It was a SQUIRREL and there we got to know all the activities that were taking place
I must add here this is the most adorable creature I ever came across Awesome and Sweet at the same time Love the way it sits and eats the corn not only that any food that we place for it and whenever it comes by It becomes a treat for us to watch it eat with small little hands holding the item and chewing away to glory It is the best thing ever…
So now it has become my new best friend We all just love its sight and it has become our pleasure to feed it regularly….
Verdict- The most beautiful thing in the world to feed a animal which only gives love in return no matter what….

Virgin Coconut Milk

This is the Calicut specialty Coconut Milk… It is not only yummy, delicious but also healthy alternative for the fizzy drinks that we have mostly at a drop of hat I was introduced to this milky drink in Calicut, Kerala, India few years back The texture can be thick according to one’s choice and desire
It’s simple to prepare all you need is fresh coconut, milk, sugar (optional) and a blender
Put everything in a blender and there the healthy drink is ready to gulp
You can also add Vodka in the blender and make a Bloody Coconut Milk (best for party time) your friends will love it for sure and bless you for the same To get creative rose syrup can also be added, which would also provide a nice color to the drink and make it look attractive too. An awesome mock tail and cocktail at your finger tips without too much of an effort to start with. Decorate the glass with a wacky umbrella or an extra coconut to munch on while you slip the amazing drink and you are ready with the simple yet innovative drink (healthy and milky at the same time) Children would love it too for sure.
Verdict- Have on a sunny day to cool your system or just enjoy the rich drink

Hussle Bussle at Nairobi City, Kenya

The moment I landed at the airport in Kenya I knew I was to fall in love with the place. The rich culture and beautifully helpful people make it worth a visit. Specially the town area is great to look at. with people walking around everywhere (wanting to reach somewhere) Everyone busy in themselves but would still remove time to smile back if you smiled at them The place is good for shopping and street food too.
Hussle Bussle is a proper name for the video of my love… Do make it a point to visit Nairobi the next time you make a plan to visit Africa and how can I forget Masai Mara which is just round the corner from Nairobi…Have fun people…